Case Study | Evolução de uma parceria com a Sovinorte

Case Study | Evolution of a partnership with Sovinorte

By Samsys 4 years ago

In 1998, Samsys was celebrating the first year of its existence, still in its first installations, when a call culminated in something very positive for this young company, and for those who would become its partners of excellence: Sovinorte.


Sovinorte company’s core

Since 1975, Sovinorte – Sociedade Vidreira do Norte, Lda. has been present in the market with current technological, industrial experience and capacity to respond to its customers’ demands.

It is located in Rio Tinto, Gondomar, where they work in the sector of the glass and mirror industry. It explores the segments of the furniture industry, interior remodelling area, and decoration area.

Evolution of the partnership

In the first contact, there was an urgent and crucial need for the company’s operation, namely the replacement of some machines and hardware that required renovation and would be the focus at an early stage.
With the evolution of both companies, Samsys eventually became, in 2011, the partner responsible for all the company’s software management.

This vote of confidence was taken by the head of the glazing company, André Costa, who, referring to that phase, clarifies: “The company had made good progress but was beginning to stagnate. Communication was difficult between different areas of work and departments. ”

Challenge for Samsys

In 2010 there was a need to improve the company’s communication – this was the real challenge for Samsys.

The next steps were to evaluate the competition, perceive how they could improve and “put things in balance” as André said.

Samsy’s mission was to coordinate and unify the areas of production, finance, software, and communication.

At the visual level, some decisions were made that changed the way the brand was being communicated. Creating a layout for internal documents and improving the website were two of the most significant changes.

As for process management, the work was even more challenging and motivating, since through ERP PHC Advanced a new management and work system was created, which completely changed the Sovinorte’s day-to-day and organization.


Our contribution – customized PHC solution

“What do we have to produce today? For whom? To deliver when? And how am I going to gather the necessary information for each label? “- these were André Costa’s questions which, with the involvement of the Samsys team, were answered. The solution was to customize the ERC PHC, allowing it to adapt to Sovinorte’s real needs.

Almost seven years have gone by and the result is very positive.

“It was like a new life for Sovinorte” concludes the testimony.


Main Responsible Team

Filipe Costa

Gabriel Rocha

Gabriel Rocha

José Antunes

José Ferreira

José Guedes

José Guedes

Pedro Barbosa

Pedro Sarmento

Rui Pessoa

Rui Pessoa

Valdemar Lopes

The way Samsys operates

At Samsys it is fundamental to understand the level of satisfaction achieved with the partnerships and projects that are advancing with us. We dedicate ourselves to each one in a committed way and we believe that each challenge is unique, and we treat them as truly ours, always taking into account the consideration that we have for the clients, the complicity, the commitment with goals and objectives or the ties of trust that are generated.

Competence, objectivity, responsibility, mutual aid, commitment, motivation, and originality are the pillars of Samsys. The values on which it is based to evolve every day and to help companies achieve their goals were reflected in the partnership with Sovinorte.

Together we go further

Our achievements are inevitably inseparable from the success of our partners, to which we seek to contribute daily.

We share this case study with pride for the professional and dedicated work we have applied, hoping that this experience will replicate with other companies.

We are convinced that together we go further.

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