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Samsys develops inspections module for Wintouch Workshops

By Samsys 3 years ago

Wintouch Oficinas allows you to control the vehicles you have in your automotive workshop, or the repairs that these vehicles require. But what if joining all this could still also control the inspection dates of those same vehicles? Yes, Samsys is always attentive to the needs of its customers and therefore has created an extra module for inspections.

This inspection module allows you to not only calculate the inspection date of just a vehicle but also to consult a listing of which vehicles must inspect on the present day. But it is not just it! This billing program not only allows you to have a more organized schedule but also send personalized SMS to your customers, reminding them that the day has come to bring their car to the inspection.

Samsys assures you the ease of implementation, and because it has a development team with great adaptability, it allows you to customize this service to the needs of your workshop.

This billing program has a retail price of 250 euros, but because we know that customer relationship is important, Samsys has special prices for you. Contact us to know more!

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