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Now you can join the telephony to your PHC

By Samsys 3 years ago

Having the right partnerships for the best IT and technology solutions is a fundamental aspect of the modern business world. Samsys customers know it, as they know that accounting and billing solutions are essential applications for managing their company’s customers. It should never be mentioned that the billing application of any business is undoubtedly the most used component of the company’s employees.empresa.

An example of such an application is PHC. What if we now tell you that in your company you can continue to use your billing software, but with the possibility of adding the telephone component? That’s it. All thanks to the Samsys partnership with Mitel, providing a series of answers developed to the scale of commercial and business requirements.

For example: Manage Contacts.

Exemplifying: Upon receiving a call, a pop-up window can be opened with the customer data and all relevant data of the client. At the same time, you can add notes to the contact sheet, not running the risk of forgetting the subjects discussed and sharing this information with the other collaborators.

We have different products and adapted to the size of your business, guaranteeing one of the fundamental components for today: Cost reduction and productivity increase. What you can know when contacting us to be able to enjoy a range of products designed to integrate telephone networks and databases.

Advantages of this solution:

  • It offers a service of dialling using a list of contacts, for easy consultation;
  • Allows automatic dialling of a phone number’s list;
  • Logs all existing phone contacts, being able to save this record in a database

If you intend to have in your company software with the possibility of scheduling the presentation of a current account statement, a debt schedule, billing summary, pending orders map, etc., so that as soon as a certain call is received from a customer, this information is automatically made available, then Samsys has the right software for your business.

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