Model 25 App - Get organized quickly and intuitively

Model 25 App – Get organized quickly and intuitively

By Samsys 3 years ago

To fill the need for non-profit associations to better organise themselves when they need to account for the tributary system, when presenting the value of donations they received, the Model 25 App appeared, a practical, intuitive application, as simple as the name itself.

We know that when a large amount of donations accumulates, it becomes complicated to specify each parcel received. Thus, the utility of this new application appears.

By the end of February of each year, it is necessary to guarantee compliance with this obligation, and the amount presented refers to the donations received in the previous year.

Non-Profit Associations must send to the tributary system the Model 25 duly filled in, which shows the type of donation and the total amount corresponding to the donations that were collected during the year. More specifically, the following data are requested:

  • Donor entity
  • Donation code
  • Cash donation amount
  • Value of the donation in kind


What does the Model 25 App consist of and how does it work?

The Model 25 App is an application that easily distinguishes portions of donations collected in a year, duly identifying the donor entity, to facilitate compliance with this tax obligation

An Excel file, manual or from a billing program, generates the file Model 25, which distinguishes data such as the value of the donation, TIN and donation value in kind/cash.

Check below the ease of the process:

App Modelo 25

Model 25 App – Get organized quickly and intuitively

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