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Online backup solution – Prevent data loss

By Samsys 3 years ago

In several business areas, it becomes imperative to think of an online backup solution, considering the need to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information and, above all, ensure that your company data is not lost.

Lost files and system crashes can paralyse a project or a company. That is why having a contingency plan is crucial.

In this sense, Samsys guarantees you an online backup service of all the information, excellent for emergencies, as it includes a set of Samsys software and service applications that help you to recover at any time and anywhere, whether your IT environment is Windows or Linux, virtual or physical, and is used to remotely migrate backups to the Cloud.

The Cloud protects your business by helping to protect important files that your site or application needs, returning to its normal operation immediately, quickly restoring files after a system crash or loss of files.

The solution we introduced from our StorageCraft partner allows you to automate data storage synchronization, and after the initial backup, backups of the differences take only a few seconds and no disruption. It recovers critical data by locating and restoring the files and folders it needs.

Its operation is simple and fast, being integral to your company’s overall business continuity plan by protecting your systems, applications, and data from any disaster, whether large or small.

Simply backup everything (systems, applications, services, data), control all of these, ensuring that they will work when you need them and that you are not consuming precious storage space. You can duplicate them to another location so that you can access them even when your local versions have been destroyed. You may also need to check the integrity of the copy and confirm that your recovery plan works, ensuring that it is ready when a possible disaster strikes, as getting your company back into action immediately after a disaster is the main point.

Consult Samsys to know this solution in detail. Our systems team can help you with whatever it takes.

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