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Real estate web management solution

By Samsys 3 years ago

Always thinking about new computer solutions for you, Samsys presents the real estate web management platform, optimized for all devices, useful for those who want to sell and who want to buy, which includes three modules that allow you to register real estate and owners, as well as to work better the contacts management.

  • Real Estate – registration of all information associated with real estate (> 50 characteristics that can be specified) and search of the same through various filters
  • People – registration of the owner and potential clients
  • Interactions – a mini CRM that lets you record the interactions of a customer with the page of the property

The platform can be available in your company, integrated into a website created by Samsys or on your institutional website. There is also the possibility that real estate information may be accessible only to registered users or to unregistered users. Includes business support tools – you can use this tool to manage all your work, from fundraising to sales.

Developed by a professional team, this real estate web management solution is tested, characterized by the simple but precise processes that make its use and obtaining valuable data simpler.

Each company is unique and, for that reason, Samsys proposes to adjust this solution to its specific needs.
Together we can continue to create value.

To clarify any doubt contact us through the Samsys’s Facebook Messenger or through the form that follows below.

We have been helping our partners for 20 years to increase efficiency and productivity, to study, develop and implement technological solutions that boost mutual growth. Solutions such as web management for nursery schools; Real Estate Web; integration of SAF-T files with PHC accounting; to control the date of inspection of your vehicles; Online Backup by StorageCraft and real-time records of contacts with CRM clients are applications designed for you to fully meet your needs. Solutions that help you grow.

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