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Auto Invoice – Simplify certified billing

By Samsys 3 years ago


Our mission is to help our customers and partners increase the efficiency and productivity of their businesses. In response to your needs, our PHC Team has developed a specific tool for your organization – Auto Invoice for PHC.

Introducing the application:


How Auto Invoice Works

Samsy’s Auto Invoice is a plugin for PHC CS Desktop, compatible with Corporate, Advanced or Enterprise. With the solution created by the PHC Team, you will be able to issue the certified billing documents in completely customized time intervals.

For whom it is intended:

  • Non-certified ERPS that require certified invoicing without duplicating administrative work and entering data;
  • Billing solutions for Android or Web Apps applications that require certified billing;
  • Ideal for Ticket Offices, Diverse Points of Sale, e-Commerce and non-certified international applications;

Contact us to learn more about this new Samsys solution. See also other solutions we have at your disposal.

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