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PHC logistics – Your warehouse on the move

By Samsys 3 years ago


Our mission is to help our customers and partners increase their efficiency and productivity in their businesses. In response to your needs, our PHC Team has developed a specific application for your organization – Appsys Logistics.

Introducing the application:

Mobility for warehouse process management application


Appsys PHC Logistics

Appsys Logística is a mobile application for managing the warehouse processes compatible with PHC CS Desktop, Corporate, Advanced or Enterprise. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, it integrates the touch interface of the terminals and their data reading to collect information. The application is still compatible with Windows and Android terminals. A full online solution without data integration.

The PHC Logistics application allows you to:

  • Scan the processes of picking, packing, receiving, storing, inventory and inventory adjustments;
  • Simplifies inventory processes by reducing their cost;
  • Ensures traceability of products;
  • Reduces shipping errors significantly;
  • More efficient stock management;
  • Optimize logistics processes and reduce human error;

Get started today by keeping a detailed, up-to-date, error-free record of all the product that comes out or goes into stock in your warehouse. Real-time information for speeding processes and cuts in bureaucracies. Connecting to PHC ERP allows greater control and verification and our PHC Team wants to take your business further.

Are you interested in stock management, product traceability, inventories? Talk to us. Contact us to learn more about this new Samsys solutions. See also other solutions we have at your disposal.


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