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Magento Driver – Connect your PHC to Magento E-commerce

By Samsys 3 years ago


Our mission is to help our customers and partners increase efficiency and productivity in their businesses. Given your needs, our PHC Team has developed a specific tool for your organization – the Magento Driver.

Introducing the application:

Driver Magento

What is the Magento Driver?

It is a driver for PHC CS Desktop, Corporate, Advanced or Enterprise compatible that allows the automatic connection between PHC and Magento.

Magento is a popular e-commerce solution, with features for optimizing your site (SEO) and with a multitude of plugins that can be used. If you have an online store and ERP PHC, ensure the connection between the two solutions and optimize and facilitate the input and output of information on your system with the PHC Magento Driver.

Magento Drive is installed on a PHC infrastructure server.

It allows, like this:

Driver Magento

  • Send and receive data via the Magento API;
  • Security of not opening ports for ERP SQL;
  • Receive orders from customers;
  • Import/export supplies;
  • Send stocks of supplies;
  • Send customer order statuses;
  • Manage orders more easily;

Information management is nowadays a true competitive factor of success in companies. Optimizing and streamlining all systems and processes among the sectors or departments that are managed within it, is crucial. With all this movement around the world, the speed of information is key in making decisions. With Magento Driver, you have complete control over your data and stocks and integrate and automate various tasks inherent to your business.

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