Case Study Think Beauty | Search Platform for Beauty and Wellness Spaces

Case study Think Beauty | Search platform for beauty and wellness spaces

By Samsys 3 years ago

Think Beauty: An intuitive platform that facilitates the search of beauty and wellness spaces!

This case study portrays one of the works developed by the Samsy’s Development Team for the Think Beauty company, which challenged us to create an online platform for researching beauty and wellbeing spaces, with the clear objective of valuing professionals in these areas and to communicate their work and the spaces where they work, dynamizing the brands to attract the public.

About Think Beauty

Think Beauty is a company with about 2 years of existence, which puts at the service of society an innovative research platform of spaces of beauty and welfare, such as hairdressers, beauticians, and SPA. This platform is very intuitive, easy to navigate and makes it easier to choose these services, acting at a national level, in a market that includes more than 50,000 spaces that fall into these categories.

Its mission is to support these entrepreneurs with the digital means that enable them to disseminate and strengthen their business through an integrated service rendering, with a view to enhance their competitive advantages and increase their recognition in the market in which they operate.

It presents itself as a “responsible, loyal, competent and memorable entity” and its mission is to support its clients to stimulate these companies and to promote customized experiences, with their target audience, mainly young public, adept of new technologies. Every day they work with passion, to make the best contribution to reach the goal: the success of their clients.

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Development solutions: an online research platform

Creation of a platform that joins companies from the areas of beauty and welfare

The Samsys Development Team had the challenge of creating an innovative, versatile and user-friendly platform. It is a space where Think Beauty and its clients can access information quickly and interactively.

“Our purpose is to make hairdressers and other professionals in the beauty industry into artists,” that was the purpose that Think Beauty brought us. This concept passes in the image that is transmitted by its own company. The focus is valuing the customer and the services provided, increasing their trust and approaching their target audience through the feeling of closeness to people who visit their space to take care of their own and that is transmitted in different ways, especially in the look book that can be added to the presentation of the company.

This look book allows professionals to complement their collection, with a gallery of images of their works.


  • Hairdressers,
  • Barber,
  • Beautician,
  • Manicure,
  • SPA

The platform developed by Samsys has several original and creative factors to provide a better user experience

Some of the factors that distinguish this platform and prove that it is, in fact, innovative and easy to use are:

  • Allow the user to search for the service they want and in what geographical area;
  • Establishments of the various services, divided into categories according to their activity;
  • Information available on offers and promotions;
  • Images that help in the perception of the location and services of the establishments;
  • Addresses and contacts to facilitate finding the space chosen.

An opportunity for corporate outreach

All these conditions are customizable, as is the platform itself, which is very useful for any company that wants to create a search platform!

Think Beauty has four custom plans that allow beauty companies to advertise their services to the public, which is beneficial to business growth.

By accessing “Advertiser Company”, we verified the existence of a Free Plan, which includes the client’s profile, address, contacts, timetable, website link, and social networks. Another more complete,  Select Plan, with these functionalities and a presentation of the company, listing of services, prices, and media (gallery of images and video). The next plan, the Premier, includes also to the profile, presentation, and media, the map where the beauty salon or wellness is located. Already the most complete, Private includes all the above-mentioned conditions and a Marketing Kit to help spread the company via email and Facebook.


“We will never be content with what we already are or with what we have achieved.”

For Think Beauty, innovation and growth are important factors and the platform developed by Samsy’s professionals will undoubtedly make this company a step forward. That’s how we came up with the idea that after creating the platform, we created an App that has the same functionality as the website, but even closer to users!

We are specialists in creating development solutions adapted to your company

We are fully available to assist you. The work developed was a success, thanks to the relationship established between the Customer and Samsys, since for each work there was always great creative freedom and the result was to meet what the customer idealized.

Think Beauty Testimony

“We all need to communicate well and we facilitate that communication through the platform that Samsys has helped us to develop. Exchanging impressions with Samsys about this project stimulated our creativity to launch new products and services that address the challenges our customers that stand out from the competition. “

Ângela Santos – Think Beauty Co-Funder

Samsys Testimony

“Within these frameworks, we had never developed a research platform like the one we created for Think Beauty and in that sense, it was very challenging. The conversations we had with the client allowed us to be more creative and to rise.”

Samsy’s Development Team

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