365 reasons to watch the Microsoft Office 365 Demo


365 reasons to watch the Microsoft Office 365 Demo

We know that the current reality of SMEs is that they are desirable targets for hackers, insofar as 43% of computer attacks are made against this type of company. He was thinking about SMEs that one of our partners, Microsoft, developed the solution Microsoft Office 365.

This hardware will be presented, as well as its features, on the day 29 November, in the morning, at the Samsys premises. This presentation will be made by Paulo IvasPartner Development Lead from Microsoft.

An initiative Samsy Academys that promises to take all your doubts!


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Microsoft Office 365 Demo  

This event aims to demonstrate the ability of this product to simplify IT management, guarantee security at a corporate level and boost profitability through mobility.

We want, through this program, to be more productive in teamwork and easily connects with people, be they colleagues, customers or suppliers, wherever they are, at any time. This is possible through the sharing information in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

already use some cloud? Have you tried using OneDrive? This is one of the most practical tools that Microsoft has created for sharing documents, for accessing online ou offline to those files and to automatically synchronize between different devices.

And do terms like SharePoint, Outlook Groups or Microsoft Teams tell you anything? We clear all doubts you may have in this Office 365 demo.

Protect to the maximum the data of your company. Find out how to do it in this Samsys Academy initiative, which is once again concerned with keeping your company's data in financial security.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Demo. Microsoft Office 365

Day 29 November, in the morning. Microsoft Office 365

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365 reasons to watch the Microsoft Office 365 Demo

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