Digital communication is no longer optional

December 15, 2020

Digital communication is no longer optional

In case you've been in a cave for the last few months, or even on your gap year completely disconnected from everything and everyone... welcome to the brave new world.

Be wrong if you think it's the parable of Aldous Huxley. It really is the current world.

Digital communication

Digital communication is big business and it won't go away. Digital came to reward our day-to-day. Whether due to the pandemic, due to the Internet of Things, due to the inevitable technological advance, everything that happens, happens first on the Internet.

And, as new generations continue to enter the job market, these methods of communication are being incorporated into the very structure of our company and method of work.

That is, as organizations evolve their ways of working to drive innovation and speed to market, it makes sense to rely on technology to automate the more conventional aspects of work. Note that organizations do not adopt new technologies because they exist. New technologies are created because organizations have a real need for them. Solutions to real problems are created, rather than solutions to problems that do not exist – Product Market Fit.

Current Market and Troubleshooting

In the field of business, 2020 was a year of catano! Something so tiny was able to penetrate economies of different countries, close businesses and break families. During the present year, we had contact with different companies with different types of problems. They didn't have any digital presence, they had a place on the web, but no visits, no purchases. Other entities, without a business model that would allow them to prepare for unforeseen situations.

As a team, at Samsys, we knew how to work around different situations and generate digital returns for your business.

The communication

Our motto is to help as many companies grow. Allied to our Social responsibility, this is the objective with which we face our day-to-day.

And, good communication is essential for the improvement of processes in organizations and for the optimization of their activities, positively influencing the achievement of strategic objectives, being even a decisive factor for the survival of companies in the market.

It already has its place on the web, now it's communicating

We've never been more human than now. We've seen companies create partnerships, we've seen businesses change, we've seen CEOs in their pajamas holding live, remote meetings in unexpected places. We are communicators by nature and we knew how to make the most of it in the most controversial and difficult times.

What we want?

That drives the growth of your communication channels, at the same time as create value with your content. At a time when everything is “out of the ordinary”, maintaining constant and integrated communication of your business is essential. Not only to make your product and/or service known, but how to create a relationship with your followers.

Let's start right now with:

  • Define the objectives of your Communication;
  • Define Personality, voice and tone of your brand;
  • Define your target audience;
  • Understand the interests of your target audience;
  • Know which channels they are on;

What is your brand's storytelling?

Do you need help developing a Social Media strategy suitable for your business?

Send us a message, we'd love to chat with you. Without commitment.

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Digital communication is no longer optional

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