Access your information 99,99% of the time without crashes or breaks

September 28, 2018

Access your information 99,99% of the time without crashes or breaks

Have you ever heard of High Availability but you don't know what it is or what it's for? Does it apply to your company?

If you want to see your company grow, then we have already answered a question: the solution we have to present can be applied to any company.

It is essential that we understand the context of your company, so that we can later do a critical analysis and then we will advise you on the best solutions on the market for your systems. In this article, we have already answered some questions for you.

What are clusters Availability and how does the process work?

clusters of High Availability consist of a highly efficient that minimizes the loss/breakage of service as much as possible, whether due to hardware, or energy transfer.

A high availability cluster is a suitable option for anyone looking for an easy and cost-effective way to always have their systems up and running without breakdowns. Its main function is to ensure operation of services as long as possible, as long as there is continuity in the system.

High Availability Clusters consist of a highly efficient computer system, in which they work 99,999% of the time, without service failures. It relates two or more computers so that they work together in order to process a task. These machines share processing activities among themselves and perform this work simultaneously.

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Possible causes of damage

Imagine that there is a power failure, a catastrophe, damage caused by other reasons in the hardware ou . The whole system continues to work normally, without affecting the functioning of your company.

What happens after the problem server is repaired?

When the failure of the first server is corrected, the second sends the updated information to the first, which takes over its role again.

Imagine your company stopped for a whole day, due to system failure? The damage this can cause is unthinkable!

So you don't have to panic. It is high availability solution prevents the loss of company data and information.

Advantages of High Availability

It's like having several machines inside one.

  • redundancy of hardware;
  • Speed ​​of processing and access to information (can be useful for both database and file sharing systems or even integration of the domain with the cloud);
  • Data reset in case of disaster recovery;
  • Represents long-term savings. This is an investment that prevents recurring hardware and monthly energy costs.

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Access your information 99,99% of the time without crashes or breaks

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