physioqi | Scheduling Management

November 28, 2018

physioqi | Scheduling Management

The activity of physioqi covers different areas of intervention, through a range of different therapeutic methods, with a clear mission that covers the improvement of the quality of life and well-being of its users. The years passed and a challenge for Fisioqi became growing and more and more challenging, so they realized that to facilitate the evolution of the clinic it was necessary to improve the schedule management, allowed make profitable better working time.

The implementation of a system that would solve this challenge came at a time when requests for appointments were constant, which required great logistics and availability, so the changes were immediate and very relevant to the clinic.


About Fisioqi

Fisioqi has a clinical space with several therapeutic methods, licensed by the ERS, multidisciplinary, located in Valbom, Gondomar. Fisioqi cares about its users, so it makes rehabilitation and recovery possible, in order to enhance their health. The treatment is carried out through an individual and personalized follow-up, adapted to the characteristics of each one, using physical exercise as a therapeutic adjunct.

To get to know this company better, we invite you to visit the Fisioqi website.

The Challenge of Scheduling Management at Fisioqi

With Fisioqi's growing success, the volume of work increased, the number of phone calls also increased, the number of appointments also increased and at some point the person responsible for answering calls was no longer able to respond to all requests. So, when the management of consultations started to become unaffordable, the number of unanswered calls to rise exponentially and when the papers around them started to be part of the decoration, then the company had to act.

the turning point

It was at this follow-up that a turning point took place. Having verified the urgent need to overcome this difficulty, Fisioqi relied on the help and intervention of Samsys, specifically the Development Team that, realizing the challenge that the company was going through, immediately suggested the development of a new website, with the implementation of a business management support platform.

The solution implemented was Scheduling Management, which allows accessing information about the availability of time for scheduling appointments. Thus, the scheduling process is simplified for you and your patient, as the system organizes all the information.

A testimony

"Development team performance: from the initial process, it shows supremacy and cordiality in the way I was received. The “listening to the company's needs” was felt at all times, thus making the achievement of goals easier, direct and assertive. The boldness and bold ideas proposed in some parameters of the project were substantially pleasant, which shows that the creative process and care in the interests of the company is present, in line with constant communication.

Over the years, our company has grown exponentially, reaching a point where communication with the patient was being compromised due to the volume of consultations. This project came to solve scheduling difficulties in several aspects: scheduling available 24 hours a day, ease of checking availability and immediate confirmation of your appointment. With this computer base as a constant resource for the user, we feel that the ability to respond to the various requests has been improved.” – Márcio Franco, Founder of Fisioqi

How does the Scheduling Management solution work?

This solution makes it possible to manage the scheduling of appointments and other services that require an appointment, including the availability of health professionals, considering days off and vacations, reservation of spaces, etc.

This system for the patient is practical and intuitive, as, by accessing its reserved area on the website, you can schedule and cancel the appointments you want and for the clinic it is excellent, as internal alerts are sent with new appointments and to the patients, with reminders about their appointments.

Find out what steps the patient should take to schedule their appointment and check the simplicity of the process:

1st Choose the category and service you want;

2nd Viewing free schedules for the selected service and choosing the desired schedule;

3rd Creation of a new account on the platform or insertion of personal data if you have a customer account;

4th Passage to a payment section, which is optional and can be via PayPal, credit card, transfer or ATM reference. In this functionality Fisioqi can provide the option of inserting a discount coupon;

5th The patient receives a message confirming the appointment scheduling, as well as the health professional in question and the platform manager.

Test the functionality of Scheduling Management.

this is what happened

Main advantages

not only the scheduling is facilitated, as sticky notes are sent by email, avoiding forgetfulness.

Furthermore, the payment can be done immediately with Paypal, and the patient has the option to pay at the time of scheduling or on the day of the appointment, in person.

The advantages do not end here: there is even the possibility of integration with the Google Calendar.

In this way, the patient can make their own appointments through the platform, checking the availability of health professionals, considering their days off and vacations. In addition, at the time, the patient can check the value associated with the consultation.

It is also possible to cancel appointments that you have scheduled, with a deadline for doing so. This process is as simple as entering the personal access data of each user and accessing the query history.

This is a solution developed by Samsys to make your work easier and make the scheduling process a simple process, as it becomes entirely digital and organized. This method reduces missed calls and optimizes employee time, contributing to a happy and productive environment. Will you want to try it?

If you want to know more about the solution Scheduling Management, contact us using the form below and watch a free demo!

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physioqi | Scheduling Management

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