BStrong | Data Centralization with Sage

September 3, 2018

BStrong | Data Centralization with Sage

In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and improve the procedures that make it possible to monitor compliance, EMOCIONSPORT/BStrong relied on Samsys to implement one of the latest programs in LegendSage 50 Cloud Store. Today it has become a Case Study that can be replicated in other companies.


We performed the Migration from Sage Retail to Sage 50 Cloud Store for 18 stores and with this technology, EMOCIONSPORT's business became more productive and GDPR compliant.



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Case Study | The challenge of centralizing personal information

Increasingly, companies are concerned about the security of their data and respect for their confidentiality.

Samsys' most recent success story is the result of a challenge that was posed after mandatory compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, on May 26, 2018: the Migration from Sage Retail to Sage 50 Cloud Store.

This challenge consisted of implementing a technology that allows the billing integration with the online server and ensure that, in practice, every user who needs it, on all computers, has access to the new tool.

Technology Platform:  Sage 50 Cloud Store

The biggest challenges for Samsys

Several migration services have been carried out by Samsys' Sage Team, but what experience teaches is that there are no easy migration projects, each job requires knowledge and skill to carry out.

In this specific implementation it was necessary:

  • Perform application migration in the shortest possible time;
  • Restructure the application at the company and user level (insert store nomenclatures and Sage 50 Cloud Store user names);
  • Ensuring each user's access to computers and configuring the final post;
  • Check the printing and labeling operation and subsequent installation on the new servers.

The implementation is now complete, having taken about 3 months to complete. Mode setting has been made offline from the network of Terminal Service: in case of unavailability of access to the server, the station works in this state to integrate billing with the server online).

Offline Billing

Sage Intervention

perform the Migration from Sage Retail to Sage 50 Cloud Store, as a way of complying with the new General Data Protection Regulation.

The challenge was to be able to migrate 4 companies and 18 stores, with as little downtime as possible. It required an initial preparation work that required study and analysis for 3 days and implementation that took place since June 2018 and ended in early August 2018.

The biggest challenges for the company were:

  • Identify the people who accessed the personal data and subsequent blocking and access;
  • Identify personal fields
  • Allow oblivion, that is, a functionality that allows the customer to be deleted from the database (except in case of pending current account);
  • Manage the consent of personal data;
  • Generate forms for consenting personal data.

Intervention Systems

EMOCIONSPORT is constantly growing and is concerned with being up-to-date and, above all, in compliance with the latest legislation. Having currently 4 companies and several stores, it has become essential to centralize access to information and control all accesses. Bearing this need in mind, the solution that would eliminate this need for control is an VPN system, between the various locations.

VPN means Virtual Private Network or TunnelingOr this ensures that information is only available within the network. Thus, all traffic between a device and the VPN servers is controlled, so that there are no unwanted accesses.

VPNs were implemented using routers state-of-the-art, Draytek Vigor, that allow for point-to-point interconnection of connections, these tunnels being always active. This method allows us to integrate into the network anywhere.

All stores also access EMOCIONSPORT's centralized servers via VPN, thus reducing the number of servers in the company and also contributing to better management, as the points of failure are reduced.

also thinking about safety, are carried out Backups with the necessary periodicity, so that, in case of disaster or incident, it is possible to recover a server in its entirety or with granular restores.


This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that the information present in your company is only available within the network and to fully comply with the GDPR. Contact us to put it into practice also in your company and we help with the migration your company needs to keep all the information centralized related to personal data.

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BStrong | Data Centralization with Sage

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