IRIS | Corporate Identity Creation

February 7, 2019

IRIS | Corporate Identity Creation

Communication at IRIS

This case study portrays one of the works developed by Samsys Communications Team for the company IRIS, at the level of areas: Design - Corporative image e Digital marketing - Promotion of Facebook Ads and Google Ads Campaigns. In this context, the challenge was to create a Corporative identity and the creation of efficient supports for your communication.


IRIS_LogoIRIS – Regional Incubator for Social Innovation – is an incubator for capturing ideas and projects and supporting the creation, development and acceleration of innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives. Their mission is to create the ideal ecosystem for the development of social innovation initiatives that promote community growth, because they defend that social innovation is fundamental to driving a strong global economy and a better world.

IRISCorporative image

Improvement in the company's graphic design

What is the influence of corporative image

When Samsys was contacted by IRIS, the greatest interest shown was in the sense of standardizing the company's corporate image, in terms of color, font, structure, arrangement of elements, among others, and to improve the dynamism of the 3 areas related to O core business of the company: Community, Education and Incubation.

There were several supports created not only for the presentation of the company, but also of its areas and the initiatives that they organize and in which they participate, such as contests, workshops, training, fairs and others.

At this level, several formats were adjusted, using a visual identity capable of relating the elements with the company and, with this design, the company distinguished itself.

Make a strong visual presence at events

One of the main needs was following the fact that IRIS organizes and is present in many initiatives. The company intended to start marking a strong visual presence to publicize the company, in schools and other institutions, in the form of lectures, training, workshops, etc.

Given Samsys' experience in organizing corporate events, aimed at various types of audience, identifying intervention points was one of the first tasks undertaken. The most common and most used supports are the roll ups, so we started by defining what the design and carried out the respective production of these materials, with usual suppliers and with whom we maintain a relationship of trust.


Creation of the Corporate Identity and application in various media

We were asked for a template for presentations in the events that IRIS organizes and where they are present, which required the creation of a basic concept framed with the corporate identity, distinguished according to the themes of Education and Community.

Starting from a template, based on the elements that the client provided us, several supports were adapted by the Samsys Communication Team, which was responsible for handling it, for each situation, such as PowerPoints, Word, Posters, email marketing, among others. others.

Specialists in

Seeing the world from another perspective leads us to find effective ways to capture the attention of the target audience. Discover the innovative ideas that emerged for the Education and Community areas:


IRIS flyer

In the area of Education, the basic idea came from the Jogo do Galo, with symbols such as balls and crosses, which were present in the facilities themselves and which inspired us. This was an attractive way to reach children and young people, the audience that we intend to reach.

As part of one of the dynamics created by the company, the Ideas Contest, we developed an innovative support – the Cokes and a new flyer.


Na Community, we start from the idea of ​​a network, a concept in which the base icons are circles, which symbolize connections and traces that signify the connections established between these different contacts.


Digital marketing

Management of publications, Google Ads and Campaigns Fathisbook

A monthly monitoring of IRIS' digital campaigns was carried out, through which the Communication team promoted different content, in a non-organic way, to capture a very specific target audience. Our Marketing specialist team integrated the main disciplines of Digital Marketing and articulated them to obtain business results with defined objectives, developed Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign management practices, as well as their follow-up and monitoring with practical KPIs and strategic.

what is the main advantage to perform Facebook campaigns? Facebook advertising makes it easier to find the right people, capture their attention and get results.

The first step in carrying out a specific communication campaign by our team always involves a detailed customer study, its area of ​​activity and its main objectives. Then the Communication Team develops the 7 campaign implementation states:

Facebook campaigns IRIS

  • State 1 – Analysis of the internal and external situation of IRIS;
  • State 2 – Market and consumer analysis;
  • State 3 – Determine the segmentation, identify the target and brand positioning;
  • State 4 – Define the campaign plan, objectives and direction;
  • State 5 – Marketing strategy planning, program and customer support;
  • State 6 – Plan to measure campaign progress and performance;
  • State 7 – Implement, control and evaluate the plan.

Communication of events on social networks

The main challenge was to publicize the event IRIS Social Innovation Meet Up 2018 and the contest Grow Innovation. In this context, campaigns were carried out and monitored on the social networks Facebook/Instagram and Google Ads by our team of specialists in the field of Marketing.

About the IRIS Social Innovation Meet Up 2018 Initiative

IRIS Social Innovation Meet Up 2018, took place on October 19, at the Casa das Artes in Felgueiras. This meeting, promoted by IRIS, with the support of the Municipality of Felgueiras (CMF), Casa das Artes and the Institute of the European Investment Bank (IBEI), had as main objective to inspire participants to have new ideas and create synergies aimed at for the creative resolution of social and environmental problems. The initiative had 26 speakers, 226 participants and many moments of sharing with different themes. About 45% of those present were aware of the event through social networks. An action that sold out and that had an excellent articulation between “digital” marketing and marketing word of mouth, by IRIS.

About the IRIS Grow Innovation Acceleration Program

IRIS Grow Innovation Acceleration Program is a training program aimed at teams of entrepreneurship and social innovation projects, which seek to solve/minimize serious and neglected social and/or environmental problems, through innovative solutions. The 1st edition of the program had a total of 17 entries for the competition of projects: Brincar de Rua, PillDeal, Diaspora Activa, Somos Família, Social One, BIT-it, Fairmeals, Waste to Win, Learning Route, SentirSnoezelen, Jardim d'Areias, Teatro Sobre Rodas, Health Tribe Academy, eCO2Blocks, Healthy Jump, Move Saúde, Tangram.

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The work carried out resulted in a success story, thanks to the relationship of trust established between the Client and Samsys, since for each job there was always a great creative freedom and the result was in line with what the client had envisioned.

IRIS Testimony

“The Samsys Team is attentive, dedicated and effective. They work with great professionalism and rigor, and help IRIS to grow and achieve its mission”. Liliana Ribeiro – Executive Director IRIS

Samsys Testimony

“It was a project that combined friendliness, accessibility, ease of communication, creative freedom and creative suggestions that allowed the final result to meet the client's expectations”. Samsys Communications Team

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IRIS | Corporate Identity Creation

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