Mobility for CRM visit registration

January 25, 2017

Mobility for CRM visit registration

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Case Study

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A Garrett Audiovisuals is a Lisbon company, which operates both in Portugal and abroad, and which was born on May 4, 1978. Its area of ​​activity is the supply of audiovisual equipment for the professional market, creation of projects and installation of systems audiovisual.

The challenge

The challenge presented by Garrett consisted of the registration of business leads from anywhere. That is, wanted a mobility solution that would allow their salespeople to register and send ideas and potential business. As Vera Garrett told us, “it made sense to us to have an app that would allow us to quickly and easily register leads via our mobile phone and that interacted with the PHC when synchronized”.

Thus, it was intended to creating an application for Android Smartphonescalled Apsys Garrett CRM, which would allow mobility in the registration of “CRM visits”, as is done internally in the management software, which is the PHC. In addition, the app should also allow a quick customer search by tax number or name, and work in offline mode, synchronizing information with the central server as soon as you have connectivity to it. “This idea came about because when commercials are on the street, they are often awakened to business possibilities, but at the moment they may not have a place to write. The cell phone is a tool that is always with us, hence the intention to create an app”.

The solution

In carrying out this project, two types of services were used. first were necessary changes have been made to the PHC CRM that Garrett was already using, in order to consider all the requirements identified for the mobility solution.

The second step was mobile application development with Kalipso technology. This solution allows Garrett employees to register, in real time, the contacts with the clients and the visits made, with less loss of important information. On the other hand, it makes it possible to optimize the time of salespeople, who are now more available to contact other customers and potential customers, ultimately resulting in lower costs, more business opportunities, and more profit for the company.

According to Vera Garrett, “the result was very positive and everyone liked it”.


This project was developed by Samsys PHC team, which has seven professionals with over 15 years of experience and hundreds of implementations.

In addition, we also have a branch in Lisbon since 2014. These are just some of the factors necessary to obtain information quickly, flexibly and securely. Specialized and focused by areas, the professionals of the PHC team use simple and

Moreover, one of the added value of this software is its adaptability to any client's business.

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Mobility for CRM visit registration

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