Textile Stone Dogs | Monetize Time with PHC

July 3, 2018

Textile Stone Dogs | Monetize Time with PHC

In 2016, the partnership with the Company Stone Dogs Textile, stemming from the need to optimize salary processing of more than 400 employees. In his search for solutions, he contacted us through a recommendation from a Samsys customer.

Textile Challenge Dogs of Stone

After analyzing the reality of the company and the process that would need to be reviewed and simplified, the need to create an interconnection between time clocks and Human Resources Solution. This would allow you to eliminate repeated tasks.

The ultra-limited time available for implementing the solution and the complex data migration made the process particularly ambitious.

Case Study Textiles Stone Dogs

Solution: Customized PHC

We combined synergies with the manufacturer of the time clock solution, which allowed us to successfully develop a automated point record solution, thus managing to significantly reduce the time of processing wages, which is no longer manual and so detailed.

During the implementation of the new solution, it was also possible to speed up other tasks, such as processing commissions, exporting union dues settlement, exporting to accounting, Among others.

A testimony

“Partnering with Samsys has boosted our profitability, as we have significantly reduced the number of hours invested in payroll processing”. Patrícia Viana, Human Resources Manager at Têxtil Dogs of Stone

Samsys Partnership – PHC

PHC Awards - Stone Dogs TextileSamsys' relationship with PHC dates back to 2007, at a time when Samsys realized that its partners needed an ERP capable of adapting to their business and growth. Thus, it evaluated the existing national and international solutions and considered that the ERP PHC was distinguished by the richness of its base functionalities and by the power of customization and development of its framework.


The Samsys way of acting

In our work, the most important part is realizing that we are able to bring value to our customers. There is no point in making an exhaustive diagnosis, an in-depth study of what the customer wants and needs, if in practice he does not reap results that contribute to the success of the company.

This was a successful case, in which the PHC team was deeply dedicated and resulted in the implementation of procedures that allowed reduce time devoted to tasks by less than a third than previously, with an investment that, compared to the working hours of the client company's employees, represents an unquestionable savings in the short-medium term.

This reinforced the trust that Têxtil Dogs de Pedra had placed in the Samsys team. This company continues to count on our total availability and willingness to continue to bring value to them, with the greatest motivation, commitment and with the knowledge that we have acquired over almost 20 years of professional experience.

Together we go further

Our success, as Consultants, could not be dissociated from the success of our clients, on the contrary. We depend on it and that's why we give our best in each project, in each day and in each intervention we do.

This is a successful case study, which we proudly share, with the hope that this experience can be shared with other companies.

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Textile Stone Dogs | Monetize Time with PHC

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