Think Beauty | Research Platform for Beauty and Wellness spaces

11 April, 2019

Think Beauty | Research Platform for Beauty and Wellness spaces

A Samsys Development Team had the challenge of creating an online platform for researching Beauty and Wellness spaces for the company Think Beauty. A company that works with the clear objective of valuing professionals in these areas and communicating their work and the spaces where they work.


ThinkBeauty briefing

“Our purpose is to transform hairdressers and other professionals in the beauty industry into artists. The focus is on valuing the client and its services. We increase customers' trust with their target audience through the feeling of proximity to the people who visit their space to take care of themselves, which is conveyed in different ways. Especially in look book that they can add to the company presentation.”

Reply from Samsys

Innovative, Versatile and Easy to Use? Let's make it happen.


A simple and intuitive platform that provides a streamlined usability experience and: 

  • Allows the user to search for the service he wants and in which geographic area;
  • Establishments of various services, divided by categories according to their activity;
  • Information available about offers and promotions;
  • Images that help in the perception of the location and services of the establishments;
  • Addresses and contacts to facilitate finding the chosen space.
think beauty

A publicity opportunity for companies

All these conditions are customizable, as is the platform itself, which is very useful for any company that wants to create a research platform!

By accessing “Advertise a Company”, we verify the existence of a Free Plan, which includes the customer's profile, with address, contacts, opening hours, website link and social networks. Another more complete Select Plan, with these functionalities and also a presentation of the company, list of services, prices and media (gallery of images and video). The next plan, the Prime minister, includes, in addition to the profile, presentation and media, the map where the beauty or wellness salon is located. The most complete, Private includes all the conditions mentioned above and a Marketing kit to help publicize the company via email and Facebook.

We all need to communicate well and we facilitate that communication through the platform that Samsys helped us to develop. The exchange of impressions with Samsys about this project stimulated our creativity to launch new products and services that solve the challenges that our customers face and that make them stand out from the competition. Angela Santos – Co-Founder Think Beauty

Our Specialty is Specific Development

We are fully available to help you. The work carried out resulted in a success story, thanks to the relationship of trust established between the Client and Samsys, since for each job there was always a great creative freedom and the result was in line with what the client had envisioned.

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We leave you with song number 2 by James Blunt – You're Beautiful

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Think Beauty | Research Platform for Beauty and Wellness spaces

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