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Internal Platform

Intranet development


A Product Design Team e Samsys Development had the challenge of creating an intranet platform to support the commercial and operational process of Swissgarde – a company specializing in the sensitive treatment of the repatriation of the deceased and all the associated bureaucracy/processes.

A swissgarde, a specialist company in the field, contacted Samsys to design an internal solution capable of reducing bureaucratic processes for its team and thus providing a fast and effective service for its employees and customers.







The Portuguese community in Switzerland is quite large and, in part, already old. They still maintain a very strong bond with their country of origin – Portugal, and in situations of death, the most natural thing is to want to be buried in their place of origin.

Repatriation in these situations is a very sensitive process for family members, complicated and time consuming. It involves a lot of bureaucracy and expenses that, for those who are not aware, can be a headache.


Market research

A study and subsequent dossier were carried out for the design of the solution, with data related to the target audience, competitors and expectations. For reasons of confidentiality, they were kept out of the presentation of the case study.


Swissgarde wanted a solution capable of providing a simple, easy and fast-access interface to its employees. An Intranet to support your commercial and operational process.

It is intended that the administrative team can digitally monitor and manage the different ongoing processes with a platform capable of being responsive on web and mobile.

User Scenarios

In the requested solution, 3 types of users were evidenced, with two categories of users having the same actions and permissions on the platform – Application Manager, Agent and Administrative.



carla lopes

Vitor Sousa – 4next Councils

Joana Faria

carla lopes

Application Manager

Carla Lopes- Application Manager, should be able to use all the application's features. In the initial phase of the business, she will use all the features of the application, but, in the long term, she may have a more manager and follow-up role.

Will use desktop (95%) or tablet more to use the application. You will use it in different scenarios and assuming the characteristics of the other personas (Agent, Administrative). Age range: 30-40

Vitor Sousa - 4next Councils


Vitor Sousa is responsible, in his company, for contacting Swissgarde, that is, Swissgarde's end customers are already Vitor Sousa's customers. He assumes himself as someone who will have good knowledge of the Portuguese emigrant community and who will thus attract new customers.

Use the app because it's the only way to get your work done effectively. Its focus is to fill in as little information as possible in the application so that you can later print the contract and start the process, as well as monitor contracts that may be expiring. Age Range: 40-50

Joana Faria


Joana assumes herself as Rui Lopes' right-hand man and it will be she who will handle the administrative aspect associated with this whole process, which in a first phase will be carried out by Rui.

This work typically consists of ensuring that all the bureaucracy of each contract has been resolved and that the contract can be accepted. He already has experience in the use of information technologies and will use the application on a desktop. Age Range: 30-40

Design System


For the development of a global and complex system, knowing SwissGarde and what are the values ​​that are involved and the people that are part of this organization was crucial. After absorbing and listening to stakeholders and users, as a team we gathered the information needed to build the pillars (principles) of the design system.

Design & Development

Alignment phase between the vision of the product design team – sketch, wireframes and prototyping, and the web development team.


After defining the design system, the creation of documentation accessible to the web team for consultation took part. In this way, it is guaranteed that all development follows a constant line throughout all processes.

color palette





Grid Structure

Mobile and Web grid structure

Both the mobile and web application were built using a Grid structure. Projection grid/grid systems help in creating layouts and displaying content.

The Grid System serves as a framework in which Samsys product designers can rationally and easily organize graphic elements for later implementation by the product development team.

interface navigation

Main Requirements


"A dedicated, responsible, attentive team that works closely with the customer.
Samsys allowed Swissgarde to focus more on the customer than on more bureaucratic processes.
A platform that allowed the optimization of the Company's internal processes
I'm super happy with the final result, with the professionalism, with all the support provided at all stages of the project's development."


The result was an internal web and mobile application with an experience and interface capable of finalizing Swissgarde's most bureaucratic processes and allowing the optimization of existing resources. A job that involved the Samsys Product Design and Product Development teams.

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