Case Study | Strong partnership with Talhos Carnes São Martinho

December 5, 2017

Case Study | Strong partnership with Talhos Carnes São Martinho

It was at the end of 2016 that contact was established between Samsys Management and the Meat Butchers São Martinho, with the objective of finding a solution to a need that this meat trading establishment expressed – to improve the organization at the level of costs, treasury, accounting and stocks, especially among all the butchers in the group.


Core Business of Carnes São Martinho

Meat São Martinho

A Meat São Martinho emerged as a result of the need to assert itself in the market, due to the fact that they have several butchers dispersed in Vale do Sousa and in the municipality of Matosinhos.

Present on the market for 18 years, they offer quality products at the best price, and invest in staff training.

They fully follow all trends and legal requirements, which lead to organizational evolution in the different accounting and IT areas. The teams they formed stand out for being absolutely interconnected and dynamic. 

To learn more, visit Facebook page of Meat Sao Martinho.


Partnership Evolution

Over time, new obligations emerged and the company felt that it was not possible, with the means that were implemented, to comply with the legal obligations that the law determines, namely the obligation to control batches, traceability and quality. So, it was necessary to start controlling stocks and their properties, namely batches, animal identification numbers and places of birth, rearing and slaughter. 

Immediately, Samsys expressed its willingness to collaborate, presenting the ideal solution for the case, after a study based on several meetings, of a tool that could be implemented and that would help to better organize the management of this company.

After 4 months of configurations and adjustments, the first pilot butcher shop started, which was the Talho das Termas and by the end of August all the processes were implemented in the other ten butchers. In total, from the time the solution was presented to the end of the process, 7 months.


Samsys Challenge and Contribution

The Solutions

Hardware | HP ProLiant Server

Replacement of the old server, by a server with more advanced and updated features, which met the customer's needs, as it improved the performance and speed of the applications that the customer uses. Another improvement observed was the transition from a system to Workgroup for one domain system, which allows you to centralize all resources in a single administrator.

Thus, all computers were under the control of this server, which made the data centralized and backed up on a single server.

An additional feature of the server is that it is a device with a RAID5 disk system, which is a system that protects against physical failure of an individual disk by distributing part of the information from each disk to the others.

To support Sage applications, the SQL Server, allowing the creation of several databases of Grupo Carnes São Martinho companies.

As a way of guaranteeing the client's safety, the system of Backups using a NAS, together with the da StorageCraft which allows, in real time, to safeguard all the information on the server, storing the information according to the customer's needs.

Another measure implemented to guarantee the stability of the network was the installation of a UPS unit that safeguards information for a few moments in the event of a power failure, allowing the server to be safely shut down (a practice that increases the longevity of the server and the operating system).



Sage Retail | Commercial and Treasury Management

One of the solutions implemented was the tool retail sage, which already had a base implemented, but which was not configured to meet the customer's needs. As the Group evolved, new needs emerged that did not exist.

There was a general lack of information about the Group's eleven butchers, as they were managed individually.

As of the beginning of 2017, they decided to implement a solution that would centralize data referring to all butchers, thus filling this need to easily access information regarding other butchers in the Group. 

From the centralization, what changed was to have a notion of the costs of goods, their profitability and waste, at Group level. Thus, they now have greater control over errors or human errors, causes of waste and profitability in the right choice of suppliers. In addition, it made it possible to recognize the best way to negotiate with them.

at the level of treasury, Sage Retail made it possible to centralize purchases (management of stock and cost weighting), payments (monitoring of current accounts and batch payment, via SEPA file) and bank account management (record of movements, distributed by categories). 


Sage Business Suite | Accounting Management and Financial Analysis

Another major change that was made was the total interconnection of purchases, sales, receipts and payments to be imported into the Accounting application. A process that was manual, subject to accounting errors, now has automatic integration into the Accounting application Sage Business Suite.

The work was no longer done manually and started to receive all documents previously prepared in Sage Retail.

With the help of another financial analysis software, from Sage, this company has been equipped with another tool that allows an analysis of costs and income, whether compared to other accounting periods or evolution of the business, being even possible to evaluate ratios of profitability that were once difficult to obtain.


Company Testimony Talho Carnes São Martinho

“Having demonstrated an exemplary dedication to achieving the objectives initially proposed, the Sage and Systems team at Samsys proved to be at an excellent level of performance and professionalism, in order to solve the needs of innovation, simplification and organizational effectiveness of Carnes São Martin”. Ana Sousa, Executive Director of Meat Butchers São Martinho


Main Responsible Team

[ssys_team team=”sage”]

The Samsys way of acting

At Samsys we value the satisfaction of our partners, investing our best in each project, which we treat as unique and special. We dedicate ourselves to each one in a committed way, feeling it as being truly ours and transmitting all the trust and transparency that the client deserves. The values ​​on which we are based, in our way of working, are also the pillars of Samsys. It is this spirit that we want to convey with this case that we share about the process we went through with Carnes São Martinho and which we hope will be reflected in other future businesses. So we know that we are bringing value to customers and that is in fact our purpose as facilitators.


Together we go further

Our achievements are your achievements. If we go together, they will be even bigger.

We also thank Carnes São Martinho for supporting us, which also went through the sponsorship of Samsys Academy's biggest event: the DDC. Thanks!


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Case Study | Strong partnership with Talhos Carnes São Martinho

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