How not to let COVID-19 influence your company – Solutions and Measures

March 16, 2020

How not to let COVID-19 influence your company – Solutions and Measures

Within the scope of social responsability from Samsys and in accordance with the guidelines of the DGS (Directorate General for Health) and the WHO (World Health Organization), We adopt preventive and contingency measures and actions to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) and ensure the health of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Thus, we changed all face-to-face meetings at our facilities to online meetings and all follow-up will be carried out by telephone contact, as well as a percentage of our team is performing remote work and safeguarding all work for customers and partners, keeping all normality.

However, we remain fully available through our usual communication channels: telephone, email and technical assistance platforms, for any technical or assistance situation or question.

However, we know that, with many of the measures that are being implemented, most companies that are not used to remote work may experience some difficulties in terms of communication, management and organization of work with the other teammates.

In this article, we gather 6 free platforms and tools that you can use as The solution and implement as measure to combat COVID-19 so that work in your company continue to flow maintaining normality.

1. Slack

Platform that quickly “replaces” the company's email internally, allowing the sending of instant messages and organizing them by communication channels (topics, clients, events, tasks).

2. Skype

Software that allows you to communicate via voice and video calls and share the screen and/or split view during online meetings.

3. Trello

Tool that allows you to organize and prioritize task lists for each project in a flexible way and adapted to the reality of each work team.

4. Evernote

Software that allows you to organize and save personal notes and projects, synchronize them across all devices and share your work together with your team.

5. Zoom

Business platform that allows you to schedule meetings, events and conference rooms and webinars online.

6. Dropbox Business

Platform that allows you to securely store files and files and share them with the entire team. And yet another platform…

Microsoft Teams

Platform accessible through office 365, used essentially to chat, organize meetings, make calls and share and edit files in order to have an integration and greater synergy of content and tools between teams.

These are some of the solutions that we use at Samsys. If you have any doubts and questions or need our help to find the best remote work solution you can contact us using the form below or through our usual channels.

General Contact: 224 853 110 | 935 853 110 | geral@samsys.pt

Support Department: 224 853 115 | suporte@samsys.pt
– Make a request for intervention when there is no internet;
– Clarify how to make a request for intervention in pat.samsys.pt;
– Know the status of any request for intervention.

Commercial department: 224 853 114 | comercial@samsys.pt
– Requests for quotations/quotes.

Finance department: 224 853 112 | financeiro@samsys.pt
– Payments and outstanding amounts.

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How not to let COVID-19 influence your company – Solutions and Measures

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