Data Protection Declaration


SAMSYS – CONSULTORIA E SOLUÇÕES INFORMÁTICAS, LDA (hereinafter “SAMSYS”), legal person no. 503930598, headquartered at AV. Eng. Duarte Pacheco, 2500 B, 4445-416 Ermesinde, has established as a priority in its internal policies the protection of the personal data it processes in the exercise of its activity.

As such, this DECLARATION serves the purpose of informing with total transparency what is at stake when you subscribe to our newsletters, the respective duration and purpose of processing, as well as our efforts to keep such data protected.

This STATEMENT applies to our website and may be changed at any time to the extent necessary for its updating and correction. Any changes will be promptly communicated to you. We are transparent in all our processes and we feel a huge responsibility for having entrusted us with your data.


PERSONAL DATA encompasses any information, of any nature and regardless of the respective support, including sound and image, relating to a natural person, capable of identifying him or making him identifiable (that is, identified directly or indirectly, namely by reference to a number identification or to one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity).


Clarifications about these technologies…

The concept of PERSONAL DATA includes not only the information that we can commonly associate with it - name, address, taxpayer number - but also information such as IP addresses and even information relating to behaviors, attitudes and preferences of the user of a website.

In other words, like any other website we use technologies – such as connection cookies (“cookies”) -, likely to collect PERSONAL DATA from our users.

We try to explain: cookies are small files that are stored on your electronic device used through its browser, and that process information about your website usage habits.

It is up to the user to remove the use of cookies, right from the start by changing the settings of your browser.

The purpose of these technologies is essentially to facilitate and accommodate the use of the website, being fundamental to the navigation experience. This, without prejudice to being able to serve other purposes, namely commercial and statistical, which also allows us to optimize your experience!

Third parties may, by themselves or when subcontracted for this purpose, use cookies and access this information. Of course, we will only allow the use of these technologies by third parties who can guarantee the security of our users' data!

For more information about the cookies used and other similar mechanisms, as well as the associated processing of personal data, see our POLICY OF COOKIES here: see cookie policy


In our website you can subscribe newsletters, requesting the sending, to your e-mail, of information about the activities and events that we organize, as well as the special offers and promotions of new products or that we already sell and that may interest you.


A command will be available to the subscriber that allows him to easily unsubscribe.

Furthermore…you can always exercise your rights under this DECLARATION!

Know that we hire the management service of newsletters to an entity – E-GOI– that provides these services and that you will be able to get to know it when you want by visiting your website.


What data does it provide.

In our website We advertise several “Samsys Job Vacancies” available and for which you can apply, providing personal information such as your CV with photo and email contact to the email address:

This information will be analyzed by our Human Resources Department.

Because it provides this data.

We ask you to provide this data because only then will we be able to manage and process your applications.

How long do you provide this data.

We keep the CVs sent because it is important for us to maintain a base of potential candidates for vacancies that arise at SAMSYS, but also because we believe it is important for you to remain a viable candidate!


When you communicate with us through our contacts.

In our website Contacts are available through which you can, if you wish, contact us.

When you communicate with us through our contacts through our contact form (“Contact Request”).

We have a contact form (“Contact Request”) that you can use by filling in the fields “name”, “telephone”, “e-mail”, “subject” and even “company name”. This form must be used by the user only for requests for commercial information.

When you communicate with us through our contacts through our contact form (“Technical Assistance Request”).

Furthermore, we have a contact form (“Request for Technical Assistance”) that you can use by filling in the fields “name”, “telephone”, “e-mail”, “contact time” and “company name”. In addition, and since this form must be used by the user only for technical assistance requests from our current customers, he must fill in the fields relating to “Description of the Situation” and “Actions Taken to Resolve the Situation”.

This data will integrate our databases and will be managed internally by our employees depending on the reason for the communication, which may be related to technical support or commercial information requests. The reason for the communication is decisive for the period during which we will keep this personal information, that is, in the first line, for the duration of the communication established, notwithstanding any retention periods that allow us to process your data beyond the foreseen time. (We refer, by way of example, to the deadlines relating to the statute of limitations for claims or the termination of criminal proceedings). We note that data relating to technical assistance will be part of the customer's service history.

When we communicate with you.

In addition to those situations in which we use the data provided to respond to possible requests for communication, we may communicate through notices available on our website. websiteBy e-mail and even notifications push. This will happen when you have expressly consented to it, or when it results from any legal or contractual provision.


Our personal data protection policies were developed as we know and recognize that an individual's privacy is an increasingly privileged fundamental right. Thus, whenever you provide us with personal information, it will be safeguarded because you have legally protected rights.


Whenever you understand you can access to the data provided when subscribing, and may also request the access or rectification them in another way that is more convenient for you, namely by sending us a e-mail for When applicable and whenever possible, identify the matter as relating to the protection of personal data and, specifically, the claim (for example, “access to personal data”). Additional information may be requested from you.

Straight to the point: this means that you can confirm who actually processes your personal data, request access to them, if applicable, being able to edit them, as well as seek information that is related to their treatment – ​​treatment deadlines, categories data, associated rights, etc.


What is it?

right of opposition is provided for when the data used is intended to safeguard our own legitimate interests, those of commercial partners or identified public interests, or understand that the way in which we treat the personal information you have provided us is not the most appropriate for your particular situation or that it does not serve the purposes for which they were provided.

To illustrate: we talk about those cases where we use your information, for example, to identify the type of customer we have.

I want to exercise my right!

You can exercise this right of opposition, namely by sending us a e-mailwith the indication, whenever possible, of the matter as relating to the protection of personal data and, specifically, the claim (eg opposition to data processing”).

Additional information may be requested from you, and it may not be our obligation to stop processing your data if this results from the applicable legislation as with the statute of limitations or expiry of credits.


If the privacy policies we defend are not enough and you want to “be forgotten” by our databases.

If you are concerned that we continue to use your data, you can request your deletion in relation to all or some of the data processed when: you consider (or not) that the data are unnecessary for the purposes for which they were collected; in case you have exercised your right of opposition; if the data is processed unlawfully or to fulfill a legal obligation.

I want to exercise my right!

You can exercise this right, namely by sending us ae-mail. Whenever possible, identify the matter as relating to the protection of personal data and, specifically, the intention (eg “deletion of personal data”).

We note that additional information may be required from you, as well as it may not be our obligation to erase your data if this results from the applicable legislation - first of all, regarding the statute of limitations or expiry of rights.


I want to send my data to another entity.

The user may request data portability as long as this is technically possible, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, by completing the “PERSONAL DATA PORTABILITY REQUEST” form available here: make a portability request.

Fees associated with this data delivery service may apply.


I feel that my right has been violated, what should I do?

This DECLARATION is intended for essentially informative purposes, not invalidating that the user who feels harmed in his rights uses the appropriate means for his protection, submitting complaints to the National Data Protection Commission, resorting to legal means or even speaking directly with us. .


We are committed to guaranteeing the protection of the security of the personal data made available to us, through the implementation of physical and logical security measures - such as the creation and execution of data protection policies and the adoption of computer and systems security solutions. network -, against its dissemination, loss, and misuse, as well as against its treatment, unauthorized access or any other form of illicit treatment.

In this context and for illustrative purposes, all our websites they are, from the outset, protected by a digital security certificate based on a protocol capable of encrypting the information transmitted between our server servers and the client.

While we point out that such conduct does not invalidate that all users of the website must adopt additional security measures, namely, ensure that they use an electronic device and a browser properly configured, with firewall active, antivirus and/or other forms of security of a logical or even physical nature.


The data provided with the subscription will not be transferred to third parties beyond the terms set out in this STATEMENT.

It can happen because…

In the exercise of our activity, we may cooperate with third parties in addition to those already mentioned in this DECLARATION, such as service providers, capable of processing your data. Access to these data will always depend on the express written authorization of the subscriber and data subject, who will be duly informed of the terms of the transfer.

In these situations and for reasons of transparency, whenever possible these entities will be identified and the treatment they make of their data.

We emphasize that we will only authorize such access to the extent that these entities guarantee to guarantee the data of our subscribers! Know that we take the appropriate measures to ensure that our partners comply with all their obligations regarding the protection of your data and, ultimately, we will be responsible for your treatment.

But we will also disclose your personal data when we believe in good faith that it is necessary for reasons related to:

– With legal requirements;

– With the protection of our customers, for example, to avoid spam or attempts to defraud users of our products, or even to help prevent serious injury or loss of life;

– With the operability and maintenance of the security of our products, including preventing or preventing an attack on our computer systems or networks; or

– With the protection of the rights or property of the companies, including the application of the terms that govern the use of the services; however, if we receive information that indicates that someone is using our services to traffic stolen physical or intellectual property, we do not inspect the customer's private life on our own, but we may report the matter to the authorities.



You may request the information you deem necessary regarding the processing and treatment of the same, noting that a fee will be applied in the case of unfounded or excessive requests.

For this purpose, we may require elements that prove the quality of the holder of the personal data that you intend to exercise yours.

You can contact us to:

We remind you that you will always have a command available that allows you to easily remove the subscription, and that the newsletters are in charge of E-GOI.


Samsys Assistance

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