Highlights of the 10th Samsys Gathering


Highlights of the 10th Samsys Gathering

More than 60 participants left the late afternoon of the 18th free to participate in the 10th Tertúlia and debated com Pedro Rebelo e Isabel Lima, guest speakers, the Challenges of Hiring.

10th Gathering

Samuel Soares played a role he is used to, that of moderator, and led the debate for an hour and a half. Once the presentations by Pedro Rebelo, Isabel Lima and Samsys were concluded, the speakers were invited to answer some questions.

Questions about a topic that requires creativity and constant review of practices so that we are in line with the market.

10th Gathering

“We believe that people are much more than a CV. People are personalities compatible with other different personalities, who complement each other and add added value to the organization.” Samuel Soares

For an hour and a half, our speakers answered questions from participants and Samuel Soares. How to attract talents for the vacancy I have in my company, what should contain a job advertisement, advantages and disadvantages of the people selection process by Human Resources companies, how to conduct a job interview and the importance of human resource management nowadays. Contact us. Samsys can help your company to manage its human resources.

What did the speakers talk about?

10th Gathering

For Isabel Lima, we, the company, only choose those who choose us. “The company has to define what it can really offer people” and for the speaker, good recruitment practices are equivalent to Million Dollar Question. He told us about the millennial generation, “The new generation doesn't just want to be satisfied, they want to be happy and have a harmony between their personal and professional lives. You want to achieve rapid ascension, do and experience new things.”

Pedro Rebelo, guarantees that if there is no value created by the brand, it is the same as not having a brand and stated that “Most of the HR companies in Portugal are CV factories”, which generated agitation in the audience and surprise on the part of Isabel Lima, who did not agree . Pedro assures us that we have to start thinking differently about the interview process. “I go to google and find 7 tips on how to do well in an interview. Will it be me, that person I show myself to be in a 15-minute interview?”. Part of the new process comes from a selection of candidates through Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. For the guest speaker, everything is connected and we get to know more about a person through their networks.


There was no time for more at the 10th Tertulia

The audience's participation was noted. Nuno Moreira, says that Portugal has a bad position on the issue of job advertisements. “In Portugal we have the job offer of Marketing Technicians with surreal equivalences. In England we have offers for Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Operator, Marketing Executive with compatible and real remuneration according to experience. Real job offers.”

Vítor Gomes, one of the participants, also questioned the option of new technologies and the veracity of the algorithms that say what type of person I should hire through a database of CVs.
Isabel, defended her ideals of conviction of what she transmitted:

“Algorithms do not convey the emotion of a candidate, their credibility, life stories and reasoning in the face of adversity.”

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The Samsys get-togethers
The Samsys Gatherings started in December 2012 with the general motto: “Alone you go faster. Together we go further!“. They are a space for sharing business experiences. Always with the aim of allowing all participants to exchange opinions about their reality.

The second meeting took place in March 2013 with the theme “Leadership and integrity in stressful conditions“. The third gathering took place in March 2014 under the theme “All companies have a culture”, and the 4th gathering in December 2014 on “Tradition, innovation and internationalization“. The 5th meeting, under the theme “The Succession Challenge in SMEs of Family Origin”, took place in March 2015, and the 6th gathering in November 2015 on “The Receipts Challenge”. The 7th gathering took place in March 2016 with the theme “How to use Portugal 2020 incentives to leverage your business“. The 8th meeting took place in October 2016 and discussed the Digital marketing. Challenges in coordinating Sales Teams was, the object of the 9th Gathering Samsys which took place on March 22, 2017. 90 participants exchanged different ideas with Paulo Ferreira e Jose Augusto Nunes Carneiro, the guest speakers.

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Highlights of the 10th Samsys Gathering

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