Tips – Safe Online Shopping

December 2, 2019

Tips – Safe Online Shopping

More and more European Union consumers are taking advantage of the holiday season and the end of the year to shop online.

Average 60% of EU consumers purchased goods or services online.

Unfortunately, it is also the time of online attacks.

Scams when shopping online, which can expose your identity and even get into your bank account, are the most common form of attack, according to a report published by Better Business Bureau.

You must therefore be informed to avoid the risk of information breaches. Both because of the rapid growth of online attacks, as well as the constant mistakes that are made in the digital world.

An online attack happens when you least expect it.

How to buy online safely

Stay up to date with some tips for your safety and/or that of your company.

Credit Card Information

Please do not store your credit card information in your accounts. While it may be convenient to store personal and payment information in your online accounts, you are taking a huge risk!

Some online shopping websites may not be equipped to protect your information. In this way, your personal data and credit card data are vulnerable to Thieves who try to break security protocols every day.

Do you have an e-commerce store?

When browsing on the high seas on the world wide web we are always sending and receiving requests to the respective servers that host websites. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used to receive and send this information. Does your website still not have an S (secure) in HTTP?

As more and more data is stolen by criminals, using HTTPS on all websites becomes vital. Regardless of the websites we visit. Are we going to give more security to the user and his business? Talk to us.

Consider creating an MBway card

Since 2017, MB WAY has integrated the former MB NET independent service into its application, which allowed the generation of temporary virtual cards for online purchases. Thus, and being linked to the debit card, it does not require the subscription of credit cards and does not disclose the actual card data, because only the data of the virtual card generated in the application are used, with only the value you want to use.

How to create a temporary mbway credit card

To create an MB NET card through the app MB WAY, just perform the following steps:

  • Access the MB WAY app and select the option “Create MB NET Card”;
  • Select the desired card type “Single Purchase”, “Multiple Purchases” or “Recurring Payment”;
  • Define the maximum value of the card (minimum of €5) and the validity, if you have selected the option “Multiple purchases” or “Recurring Payment”;
  • Enter the MB WAY PIN.

Astronomical Mega Important – Never shop online over public Wifi networks

Imagine that you are in a magnificent cafe reading a good book, working on your business, or studying and that email from your favorite store comes out with a unique 60% discount campaign. What we do? – Online store, cart, buy.

Did you know that from this moment on, a person with a little technical knowledge can intercept the data you just sent because you are using a public wifi network? Online shopping requires entering personal data and card information. A tip also applicable when logging into different websites. Remember, send and receive data. As simple as that.

Strengthen your antivirus

know the solution Panda's Adaptive Defense? – A software that classifies all running processes, ensuring the detection of strange behavior and advanced threats. The Adaptive Defense combines a antivirus protection to latest advanced protection technology.

One of the tool capable of blocking all unknown files temporarily while they are not classified as safe.

And is your business protected?

We want to help you keep your security up to date and protected from threats with our most diverse solutions for Firewall, Antivirus, Backups and solutions against information leakage – DLP.

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Tips – Safe Online Shopping

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