In 2 minutes | Be faster searching in Outlook

February 21, 2019

In 2 minutes | Be faster searching in Outlook

Organize your Inbox through search folders

There are 3 main ways to save time in your day to day, when performing searches in Outlook: through the creating folders specific virtual folders (“Search folders”, the use of filters it's from "quick actions".

So, in the Shortcut Search Folders select “New Search Folder”. Give your custom search folder a name, then select criteria. Use the tabs in the “Criteria box” of the search folder to specify words or phrases to be searched for, such as senders, other people included in the “to” or “Cc” lines, items with specific categories or any advanced search, under “criteria”. When finished, select “Ok” three times to create your search folder.

We challenge you to put into practice the tips we leave below to save time finding emails in Outlook.

Travel Tips


1. Pasta

Create folders by sender or by subject.

Folder suggestions to create:

  • “Unread” items;
  • Messages from my Team members;
  • Emails from the company's management;
  • By subject, for example “absences”, “holidays”, “budgets”, among others.

2. Filter

Manage Unread Mail

If the matter cannot be dealt with at the moment, mark it as “Unread”. Next time, use the filter with the same name.

not read

3. Quick Actions

manage priorities

Mark an email as “Important” to set priority emails.

Forward emails to a specific Department with just one click.

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In 2 minutes | Be faster searching in Outlook

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