At Halloween time beware of the Bad Rabbit


At Halloween time beware of the Bad Rabbit

“NotPetya return as Bad Rabbit”. This could be the title of a new Tim Burton movie but it's a very real case. Bad Rabbit is the name of the new ransomware that is spreading in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany.


Trick-or-treat or money?

In late June, a global attack caused by the NotPetya malware, originating from Russia and Ukraine, affected thousands of computers in more than 60 countries. Today, the fear of a new cyberattack emerges under the critical infrastructure fog of those first attacks. See what we have to say about it in our Webinar - Online Security.

However, not even the thickest fog closed the eyes of the Panda Adaptive Defense, the security solution we provide to our customers. Unlike D.Sebastião, our solutions appear as a shield from the fog and allow us to detect and block the bad rabbit's attack before trying to activate it.

In this way, we are able to analyze the threat and dissect the malware, and not even a candy is entitled.

Bad Rabbit


The Bad Rabbit

Bad Rabbit shares some similarities with WannaCry and Petya, although, predictably, it won't reach the same levels of spread as these attacks.

Until now, it was distributed via compromised web pages that asked the user to fake installation of Flash Player. Once installed, it blocks access to computer data and demands a ransom. What makes this malware more dangerous than typical ransomware with a similar distribution is its enormous ability to spread across the company's internal network. The malware has already affected systems on 3 Russian websites, an airport in Ukraine and a metro line in Kiev, according to the BBC.


How to protect and prevent:

  • Do not download any Flash updates via pop-ups from the website itself. You can do it from the Adobe website;
  • Back up your files frequently;
  • If using CC line, Adobe Cloud, go offline and do not activate Cloud;
  • Contact us and learn about the protection services that Samsys can provide.


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At Halloween time beware of the Bad Rabbit

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