Company Certified as Training Entity by DGERT

March 31, 2020

Company Certified as Training Entity by DGERT

Samsys, a consultancy specializing in the IT sector, since March 26, 2020 is considered a company certified as training entity from CERTIFICATION (Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations).

Over the past few years, there have been several formations that Samsys provides with specialized trainers not only to its employees but also to its customers and partners, with requirements that oblige the company and its Academy to grow and work continuously on sharing knowledge.

The knowledge of our in-house Samsys trainers who deal with the needs of customers and companies on a daily basis include:
- Specialists in ERP functionalities that are marketed and that help customers explore and use all the tools of the management;
- Commercials with experience in analyzing customer needs and advanced knowledge in Softwares and Applications capable of making business tasks easier;
- CEO's with experience in motivational and encouraging lectures to make it happen and knowledge in the IT area.

What is the advantage of training with a Certified Entity like Samsys?

The National Training Entities Certification System is coordinated by DGERT and allows recognition of quality in the provision of training services in the trainees, trainers and customers of the companies designated for this purpose.

Samsys is certified as a training provider in 4 areas: Management and Administration, Business Sciences (framework in the organization/company), Computer Technology e Computing from the user's perspective.

Thus, Samsys – certified entity is responsible for:

  • Plan its activity in order to provide services that correspond to the needs of its users;
  • Ensure the implementation of the training projects that it defines, in accordance with the pedagogical and organizational conditions foreseen;
  • Have qualified human resources with the technical and pedagogical skills appropriate to the training projects and respective recipients;
  • Ensure permanent articulation between its training team, trainees and customers;
  • Ensuring adequate spaces and equipment with the appropriate characteristics for the training projects and respective recipients;
  • Ensure permanent assistance to trainees, trainers, customers and other agents, whenever it directs its training offer to the general public;
  • Disseminate and publicize your training based on clear and unambiguous information;
  • Issue training certificates in accordance with current legislation
  • To have a regulation of training operation, knowledge of trainees, trainers and other agents involved;
  • Ensure the monitoring and global evaluation of the training process and of trainees and trainers;
  • Listening to its clients, trainees and trainers, in order to know their opinion about the services provided and their form of organization;
  • Systematically evaluate and review the way it provides its training services and introduce the necessary improvements to raise its quality;
  • Be demanding with the results achieved with its provision, providing post-training follow-up mechanisms;
  • Guide its conduct by ethical principles and equality and correct treatment of all agents involved in training;
  • Respect the legal rules that regulate its activity and fulfill the obligations to which it contractually undertakes with third parties;
  • Handle complaints addressed to you, in accordance with applicable legislation, taking advantage of them as an opportunity for improvement.

Does your company need specific training in any of our areas?

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Company Certified as Training Entity by DGERT

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