Sending the DMR in an automated way is now possible!

January 5, 2018

Sending the DMR in an automated way is now possible!

It's true, we have good news again to share with you! Did you know that send the DMR for Finance is no longer a headache? We wanted to take this burden off our accountant clients and simplify the process for them.

It is common for company administrators to demonstrate difficulty in managing time in complying with legal obligations. With them in mind, Samsys has developed an App that simplifies the management of sending documents to Finance. Thus arises the App eDMR, which avoids the execution of repetitive tasks by the Administrators.

A eDMR app is a solution that manage shipping (in batch) monthly of files Monthly Compensation Statement, on the website of the Tax Authority. 

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The app allows you to quickly import files into the platform itself. Validates and sends documents to AT. Then, reports are generated with the details of each file and its submission.

The biggest transformation of the eDMR App is that it simplifies the task of manual submission, which is usually repetitive and time-consuming, which is prone to errors or forgetfulness.


Who is it for?

The eDMR App is primarily intended for accountants and companies that have several subsidiaries.


– Optimize the management of the organization and filing of the Monthly Remuneration Statements;

– Avoid forgetting or failing to send files;

– Allow validating and checking values ​​before sending;

– Allow printing the proof of payment of the DMR after sending;

– Reduce, by more than 80%, the time required to submit files, avoiding the need to use the Portal;

– Create shipping reports, with values ​​and other relevant information.


– Import DMR files in the respective applications of the various entities;

- Manage logins from AT, so it is necessary to create the account only once, with the data stored for the following month;

– Manage the number of monthly files per account, thus avoiding forgetting;

– Notify by email indicating in each account which files are missing;

– Process multiple files sequentially;

– Validate the files, extracting the number of documents, credits and debits from the response, thus allowing the verification of values, before sending;

– Submit the DMR files to the AT, indicating the date and time of dispatch as well as the ID assigned by the AT;

– Organize the folders with the files by account, month and year, containing the submission file, summary and validation and submission answers.


eDMR demo

Test the functionality of the eDMR App for free for 3 months. 

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Sending the DMR in an automated way is now possible!

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