We are in the Top 100 Best companies to work for in Portugal

November 8, 2017

We are in the Top 100 Best companies to work for in Portugal

In May 2017 we were distinguished with the recognition “Customers First” and in October as one of the 100 Best companies to work for in Portugal (Read the article from Exame Magazine). 

Samsys in the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For

To dream it's really synonymous with achieving, just keep the ambition and do it.

In the year we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Samsys we achieved something that at first seemed possible but far away…to transform Samsys into one of the best Portuguese companies: in terms of its employees and customer satisfaction. It became real.

100 best companies to work for

This is a turning point, on several levels. THE team grew 30%, so at the moment we are a team made up of 54 people. In 2017 we celebrated the first year at new facility and we are seeing a lot of changes internally.

Having a healthy mind in a healthy body 

Today, we have a series of practices, some acquired this year, others earlier, that meet what we idealize as fundamental for “Having a healthy mind in a healthy body".

  • Fresh fruit every day, available in the social area;
  • Recycling;
  • Bicycle laps;
  • Hiking and running along the river;
  • sessions of crossfit at lunchtime;
  • Football games with Samsys teams;
  • Partnership with local pharmacies;
  • Posture classes;
  • Non-verbal communication classes with group dynamics.

In this way, competences and personal aptitudes are developed, in terms of communication, teamwork, time management, sense of organization, flexibility/adaptation to new situations, responsibility and commitment.

100 best companies to work for

These practices influence the way customers are treated, so we maintain and add new actions. We are a technology company that values ​​people first, before everything else.

Naturally, the recognitions have a special flavor, but this one is particular, as it precisely meets the purpose of our effort to guarantee the best conditions for everyone, in terms of working conditions and an environment conducive to productivity.

100 best companies to work for

Samsys Leadership

In a perspective of lead, Samuel Soares, General Director of Samsys, defends:

“What I do, every day, are actions that I consider to inspire action. For me, that's what leadership is, too. This is because the role of a leader is also to awaken in others the will to do or, at least, to awaken them so that they are sensitive to it”.

Inspiring to action goes far beyond inspiring employees to be healthier and provide better service. It also involves involving society in the Samsys spirit, taking knowledge in the most positive, intense way and through true experts, with credibility in the market.

Initiatives involving the Society

Thus came the Samsys Academy, an Academy that has organized an average of one event per month. The events come in different formats, such as Meetings, Workshops, Product Demonstrations or even the most special of all, the Samsys Customer Day (which takes place once a year, with the capacity to bring together more than 1500 entrepreneurs).

We have grown year after year and we also owe you this distinction of the “100 Best Companies to Work For”. Thankful for that.


Get to know ranking of the 100 best companies to work for, by Exame Magazine.


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We are in the Top 100 Best companies to work for in Portugal

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