Communication Strategy – Make your customer the hero of your story


Communication Strategy – Make your customer the hero of your story

The biggest cultural change we've experienced since the tree of the press, everything changed – we are talking about Internet maturity. What is your Communication Strategy?

The future is now

The fact is that we are now living and working in the greatest evolution of human communication. Sometimes taking a step back and putting that change in context can be quite helpful. This allows us to achieve a better perspective of our current point and which strategy to follow in future businesses or in the company.

Increasingly, consumers associate the brand not with the message, but with the entire experience surrounding the product or service.

It may be difficult to understand what we are going through right now, because it is so much bigger than anything we can point to. but it's happening.

In a world where there is a huge amount of content available, if you don't make someone stop what they're doing to see your content, your business could be in serious trouble – the indifference. Whether taking an action or arousing an emotion, the real test of storytelling is how your consumer receives the message and how you make them feel after seeing your communication. Today, we buy relationships, connections that we establish with a certain brand. What a brand stands for today is as important as ever in the history of the world.

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Communication strategy

Defining the voice of your business has tremendous power. There's no reason why you shouldn't be creating content online and offline. Whether that content is vlogs on Youtube, photos on Instagram, articles on WordPress or that Podcast that never released on iTunes. All you have to do is combine your passion for the business with the fact that it is as practical as possible in its communication – keep it simple.

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The world is not changing as it continues to be said. The world has already changed.

If you decide to take this change more seriously, do so with a communication and marketing team working on your voice in the market. In this way it will gain a competitive advantage against the market that has not yet followed this change.

How to begin

If you think about it, there are only three media: video, audio and text. However, the channels for doing so are endless.

  • Audio: Have you ever thought about creating a podcast, a radio show, recording an interview? The time is now.
  • ADIEX: it is the richest and most comprehensive medium with possibilities that are practically endless and we live in a time when almost all platforms can reproduce and support video content: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo, Linkedin and many others.
  • Writing: Many people still like to read. Create content for your website to optimize your web presence and google searches. Do you have an amazing life story that allowed you to be where you are now? – Write a book, or articles on your social networks and that of your company.

we are by your side

Samsys develops, among other services, integrated marketing and communication solutions, ranging from content design and production, to results monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness of your business communications.

Start today to provide a much better experience to your customer, increase the relationship, conversions and loyalty to your brand. Without a communication strategy your business is at risk of stagnation.

Improve your company's image, reach thousands of potential customers or just give wings to your idea. Contact us for a free quote!

Communication strategy

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Communication Strategy – Make your customer the hero of your story

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