User Experience (UX) will affect your website's Google ranking

July 29, 2020

User Experience (UX) will affect your website's Google ranking

As of 2021, the User Experience on your website will be an important factor when it comes to ranking your website in Google search engine searches.

User Experience

It means, therefore, that Google will take more into account the experience that users have on certain websites, than is the current norm.

Take the time to prepare your website.

Google Page Experience

Google created a detailed document on the criteria of a good user experience on the web pages. In other words, metrics used to find out how a given web page behaves when it receives visits.

Metrics, As:

  • Is it compatible with mobile devices?
  • What is the page load speed?
  • Does it follow the HTTPS protocol?
  • Are there intrusive ads on the page?
  • How does the content behave while the page is loading?

How to prepare?

work with professionals. the team of Communication and Marketing along with the team Web development from Samsys collaborate with their customers to bring the best possible browsing experience to the user and prepared for changes.

How do we do it?

We take into account the projection of user experiences. A vision beyond the simple prototyping of the website. Creating memories and storytelling is essential to captivate your customer.

user experience diagram

Shall we improve your website?

Talk to us, so that together we can carry out an audit of your current website or prepare a plan for the implementation of a new one:

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User Experience (UX) will affect your website's Google ranking

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