Merger of companies: JorSoft reinforced by Samsys


Merger of companies: JorSoft reinforced by Samsys

JorSoft will be integrated into our company as of this month! Often, the merger between companies can be the most appropriate solution for both companies to be stronger and this is possible without losing their identity.

jorsoft fusion

Increasingly, Samsys is betting on the solution of hosting companies in the sector to help them grow, offering the possibility for these companies to integrate into an organized structure.

What do you have to gain from the merger?

If you were a Jorsoft customer, from now on you will see your life easier, as there are more people working in this network of contacts.

With the reinforcement of the team, we became more efficient, faster and more focused on goals. Customers can only benefit from this.

From another perspective, the merger allows our consultants to only perform tasks in which they are truly experts and in which they are recognized.

“What about the hours I still had?”

Customers and their remaining working hours are transferred, if they so wish, to Samsys, which not only allows maintaining the relationships that were already established, but also allows them to strengthen them, as we will offer them a better and most complete service.

On JorSoft 

A JorSoft is a partner company of SAGE and XD. Samsys thus gains another helper, who will join the Sage Team this month, as a Sage and XD Consultant, with operational and commercial functions, following up on the account management of the customers who esteem him so much, now in an available team, which will do everything possible to help them grow even more.

This company will continue to exist, with the work more oriented towards stationery and consumables. The entire area of ​​Management Software, Equipment and Websites will be treated, managed and assured by Samsys.

A testimony

"It gave me a sense of help that I didn't have." – Management of JorSoft

Advantages of the Merger of JorSoft with Samsys

There are several benefits of these new welcomes. On the one hand, to expand our technical team, thus achieving improve response times and, consequently, the service quality levelo to our partners. On the other hand, we have the opportunity to offer a greater variety of new solutions and services to partners, who are now starting to work with us.

We hope in this way to make you more satisfied with our services! We remain, now stronger, available to provide you with better services.

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Merger of companies: JorSoft reinforced by Samsys

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