Google AdWords becomes Google Ads

June 28, 2018

Google AdWords becomes Google Ads

On the 24th of July of this year, the Google Ads is now called Google Ads, result of the update of Google's ad line.

Google Ads

The new Google Ads brand will include different types of campaigns already available such as the Search Network, Display Network and Video Campaigns. A rebranding process targeting all Google ad platforms.

Google Ads: What changes?

  • You will see the new Google Ads brand (Name and Logo) from July 24;
  • Your account URL will change from adwords.google.com to ads.google.com;
  • Your campaigns will not be affected by the changes.
  • It's not just a name change. Google is launching Smart Ads Mode. An update that will become the default mode for small business advertisers.

Google's advertising services will be divided into three major brands:

  • Google Ads – Former Google Adwords;
  • Google MarketingPlatform – Combines DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360;
  • Google Ad Manager which integrates DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Team of Marketing Specialists

Marketing is the key to opening the door of a business and being successful. Let us put in our mind the image of a heartbeat. It is the epicenter of a business. Exposing your company through this medium keeps your business alive, relevant and fresh.

A Samsys Communications Team is made up of specialists prepared to respond to the constant changes in the Digital World. The impact of digital media has changed the form of relationship between companies and customers. Our behavior, that of consumers, is quite different to reach the desired niche.

With Ad Management, you will allow your company to:

  • Attract more customers;
  • Advertise globally or locally;
  • Reach the right people at the right time;

Are we going to leverage the opportunities that the digital world provides?

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Google AdWords becomes Google Ads

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