Innovation in Your Company through Design Thinking

November 13, 2019

Innovation in Your Company through Design Thinking

If you are a Communicator, CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, or simply with a desire to innovate then the process of Design Thinking is for you.

Design Thinking – Innovation

Innovation is the secret sauce for business progress and success. In other words, our ability to come up with ideas that are both applicable and effective, giving us an edge in competitive sectors.

Apples, Ubers and Airbnbs of this planet were born through innovation processes. Now the challenge that all these companies – and your company too – face is to continue with this same innovation to keep or go further its position in the market.

Innovation cannot be a single sporadic case that was born from an idea of ​​a single collaborator. It does need to be present in the company's DNA.

However, innovation does not come overnight and it is not always easy. That's where Design Thinking comes in.

“Creativity depends on reframing and remixing ideas.”

O Design Thinking has been considered the great driver of innovation and the vaccine to avoid stagnation. It's a concept that becomes increasingly difficult to ignore and despite several stories of companies that have applied it to success, it remains a mystery to many others.

What is Design Thinking?

We can define Design Thinking as a process of seeking to solve complex problems that focuses on the consumer. A process that seeks to achieve practical results for your organization and solutions that go through:

  • Be technically viable;
  • Economically viable for your company;
  • Capable of satisfying user needs.

The Design Thinking process outlines a series of steps that lead towards this ideology. Starting with creating empathy for the user, creating ideas and transforming them into a prototype (product/service).

It promotes an actionable approach that can be used to tackle your organization's most complex problems with user focus, creativity and innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking.

"I'm still confused"...

Soup as an example

Let's imagine that you are organizing a dinner for six people. He chose a recipe for a soup and bought all the necessary ingredients. At the last minute, more guests arrive. The trick is simple. Buy more ingredients so there's soup for everyone. Multiply the amounts of each ingredient in the soup recipe to make more. Simple, used a method to solve a problem.

A problem that, based on the least we know about cooking, we are able to quickly find a solution. However, there are problems that we cannot decipher so quickly and casually.

Communication problems in your company and branding need to be faced from various angles with 360º thinking so that there is an answer that anticipates future problems.

Our specialist communication team in the area is capable of implementing a structure divided into three distinct phases in your company:

  • Immersion in the problem of a expert team;
  • Generation of ideas for their resolution and;
  • Implementation of solutions ranging from Design, Branding, Communication and Marketing.

We develop integrated communication solutions. Communication strategy, Design, Press Office, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, User Experience, Web development, among other tasks.

Because it is a human attribute that we use throughout our lives, every day, we often underestimate the complexity of the act of communicating.

For example, our gestures and body posture are ways of non-verbal communication (Training with Alexandre Monteiro) that give important indications to others about us.

It becomes much more complex to effectively communicate a product/service, a brand/company, because when it comes to concepts that aim to reach a more generalized 'audience' and within the intended target audience, it requires specialized knowledge of the appropriate techniques and tools. .

Let's talk about how we can help you and implement a Design Thinking-oriented process in your company right now?

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Innovation in Your Company through Design Thinking

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