Content Marketing – Connecting The Dots

September 17, 2020

Content Marketing – Connecting The Dots

You've most likely heard about the benefits of content marketing. On the web or in the articles published on our blog.

Content Marketing

A winning strategy that generates more traffic, builds a better reputation for your business and guarantees growth in total sales over time.

It is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies. However, the reward is proportionate to the quality of your strategy and execution.

For those who do not have experience in the area, it can be a seven-headed animal to align their ideas with the results. Our Communication and Marketing team performs with its customers various content marketing strategies to generate results and, today, shares some tips to help you get started in this field.

1. Briefing

The first step is to get a summary of what content marketing is all about. Like a movie with a happy ending, understand the beginning, middle and end of a content's life, how you will measure results and ROI. Get a higher-level perspective before getting into any kind of detail.

As Steve Jobs referred to, “Connect the dots”.

2. Competitors and Market

Book a spot on your calendar to research some of your competitors. Check out what companies like yours are doing in terms of content marketing:

What types of articles seem to be the most popular?

How often do you publish?

What market are you targeting?

3. Editorial calendar

After analyzing your competitors, it's time to take action and create an editorial calendar. Start by dividing the content into different categories, design titles for articles and the date for their publication.

4. Set goals

With the editorial calendar in place, start setting goals for your publications and what results you want to achieve.

How often do you intend to publish?

How many visits do you expect to achieve with the first publications

Where do you expect to be in six months/one year in terms of growth.

Remember – done is better than perfect. Everything can be tweaked later, but you need to define a vision for your business.

5. Try, try and try

The first publications will likely be a challenge. Find themes, identify with your target audience's tastes and check interactions.

Treat these posts as a test and observe how people react to your work and write down what you can improve for the next post.

6. Publish, Distribute and Track

Gather everything you've learned, put it in the oven and put it on the table. After publishing, promote and distribute on your communication channels (as a brand and as a person). Yes, individually, share the content created. As human beings we interact more when we see a face than a brand.

7. Never stop improving

The final task is the most important and is the one you can never cross off the to-do list. By constantly creating, learning and improving, you will create better content and see the results improve day by day. It's very important to stay up to date because, like the market, content marketing trends and norms change frequently.

Strategy and creativity are our strengths!

Let's start right now with:

  • Define the objectives of your Communication;
  • Define your brand's Personality, voice and tone;
  • Define your target audience;
  • Understand the interests of your target audience;
  • Know which channels they are on;

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Content Marketing – Connecting The Dots

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