Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns


Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns

At a time when the population spends more and more time in front of the screen, it is time to optimize your communications with your audience.

In the first place:

  • How are your email marketing campaigns?
  • Are you getting the results you are looking for?

Send us your answers, we would be happy to talk to you and how we can help you.

Email Marketing – Our tips

1. Welcome Email

Unfortunately, many companies miss the perfect opportunity to bond with their new lead. By creating a fully optimized welcome email, you increase engagement and loyalty with your audience. In that email, put relevant information for the new subscriber. Such as, what kind of emails will you receive, how often, what kind of content is expected and share your social networks.

2. Segmentation

One size fits all? Not in this field of marketing.

It may be tempting to send your message to all contacts, but by segmenting your contacts into their own lists, you will be assured that your message is suited to their needs and interests.

This prevents possible subscription cancellations, opening rates increase and you will create a greater connection with the recipient of the message.

3. Design

Subject – If we want the message to be opened, we have to convince the recipient that it is worth it. Create a topic that is clear, relevant and convincing. Keep the subject short, clear what the message is about, use words that lead to action and avoid using too many

Image – An important factor is the images that accompany your message. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we have to be aware that many email services block pictures. Do not create an email that is composed solely of an image.

Our advice will be to limit the number of existing images and take full advantage of the “alt text" the same. That is, give your image a name/caption. If it is an image about a sofa promotion, use, for example, “XYZ sofa 30% discount”.

CTAs (call to action) – All your messages must have a purpose. A CTA allows you to gauge your reader's interest and engagement. It will allow you to understand if your message has impacted your database, help with your segmentation and personalization to close leads.

4. Test and Measure

When performing digital communication audits in companies, this step is often ignored. The campaign is carried out and the expectation is high to attract results. However, no sales or business opportunities arise and companies end up neglecting this field of marketing.

We cannot verify the effectiveness of any action if we do not test and measure them.

  • Are you running A/B tests?
  • What kind of metrics are you using in your measurements?
  • Are you following some kind of strategy in sending your communications?


In short, email marketing is part of a global communication plan. Improving this aspect, while using other tools in your digital/offline communication, will allow your company to build a foundation of success over time.

Consult us so we can start working on your communication in the market and with your client together.

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Improve your Email Marketing Campaigns

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