In the dictionary Brand comes first than SEO and Content Marketing

November 16, 2020

In the dictionary Brand comes first than SEO and Content Marketing

We believe that a focus on building strong SEO and strategic content are the first things to address when building a marketing plan for any brand.

It is important to mention that there is a more important marketing element – your brand.

More than a logo. The brand represents much more than its color set and the symbolism of its logo. The brand is an identity and the combination of different factors that lead to the creation of an idea of ​​what your brand represents in the mind of your audience.

More generally, is Apple just an apple? Or does it represent minimalism, futurism, creativity, community?

However, brands with a position in the market do not tell us exactly that. They do not mention that they excel in minimalism, creativity or that they are innovative (in some cases). These brands, through their communication, convey the meaning of their brand.

SEO and Content Marketing are two of the greatest tools we have to expose our brand, but without a foundation, efforts can be useless.

Thus, the brand conveys to the marketing channels what is acceptable for your company. It should transmit the base values ​​and remain constant over time.

Find your identity. We help.

Branding is a very complex subject and requires much more research and consideration than this article would be able to offer. However, if you already have a brand, this will help you understand how it should inform your communication strategy (SEO and Content Marketing).

How we can help you get out there:

  • Find differentiating qualities of your product/service
  • Define your target audience
  • Create a unique image and voice.
  • Find other competitive advantages
  • Content with a unique communication
  • Creating content targeted to your target audience
  • Fundamentally, consistency throughout your communication plan.

Put all these ingredients together and you will be more successful in your SEO and Content Marketing campaigns. Prime for differentiation, get to know your product/service and your customers.

Shall we start working on your brand?

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In the dictionary Brand comes first than SEO and Content Marketing

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