AT's new obligations | Avoid fines with SAFT 1.04


AT's new obligations | Avoid fines with SAFT 1.04

In June we clarified what the new AT obligations, but as we realize that some companies have been harmed due to the lack of knowledge of the new rules, we want to alert to the need to update the software they have, namely SAFT 1.04.

SAFT 1.04

We recommend that our partners always keep the software up to date, as there are permanent program optimizations, new features and with these updates the obligations defined by law are guaranteed to be fulfilled.

A law obliges, since July, to which companies submit the SAFT to the AT using the last version, SAFT 1.04, as it meets the latest requirements defined and established.

We warn that failure to comply may result in fine payment and, to help our partners, we remind you that you can make this change in the software getting in touch with us using the form below or contacts usual.

Check the official clarification of AT and ask your questions. We reinforce the need for the partner to inform the customer of the penalty to which you may be subject if you do not obtain SAFT 1.04.


AT's official communication on SAFT 1.04:

“It is reported that the SAF-T (PT) is an annual audit file to be delivered to IT services whenever requested. Version 1.04_01 that will come into force on 2017-07-01, resulting from the publication of Ordinance No. 302/2016, of 02/12, applies exclusively to records produced from that date. It is clarified that there is no objection to using this version in the export of records produced in previous fiscal periods.

Version 1.03_01 of the SAF-T (PT) will be revoked on 2017-07-01. Anyone who does not update their Invoicing or accounting application will be in breach and subject to a fine. The 1st communication of Invoicing with this new version must be the one relating to the records for the month of July, which will take place until the 20th of August.”


In view of the above, we strongly advise those who submitted their SAF-T for the month of July through any ordinance other than 1.04 to replace the SAF-T file sent, submitting a new file through ordinance 1.04. We remind you that the fines provided for taxable persons who do not comply with this law range from €200.00 to €10.000.

Do you know that…

  • Can you integrate sales from the SAFT file into your accounts?
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  • Can you recover lost invoices in the event of a disaster for your management software using this feature?
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AT's new obligations | Avoid fines with SAFT 1.04

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