Financing Opportunities Portugal 2020 in progress

August 29, 2018

Financing Opportunities Portugal 2020 in progress

If you still don't know about funding opportunities Portugal 2020 that are taking place, get in touch with us and apply!

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At Samsys we develop Consultancy in several areas related to technological and communication solutions. our main areas of expertise are Management Consulting, systems engineering, Communication, Web e Assistance and Support. In addition to these areas, there are other teams that provide essential support for the company to function properly, namely in the Administrative and Financial, Commercial and Logistics Departments.

Portugal 2020

Portugal 2020 is a community framework to support the Portuguese economy, in force between 2014 and 2020. It is a Partnership Agreement established with the European Commission, whose main objective is to operationalize the policies defined in the community framework, contributing to the economic, social and territorial development of Portugal.

Do you know that…

Of the 25 billion Euros defined for Portugal 2020, around 6 billion are earmarked for Companies, within the scope of regional operational programs and Compete 2020.

The application deadline is not the same for all programs, it may vary between August, October and December. Please confirm below the application deadlines and conditions of the initiatives we present.

Applications until August 31, 2018


Training and Consulting 90% funded by Portugal 2020. Aimed at companies inserted in the North 2020 elimitated the places mentioned.

Action Training implies learning in an organizational context that mobilizes skills with a view to achieving results supported by a particular business change strategy.

Micro enterprise (< 10 Employees) – 100 hours of consultancy and 75 hours of training. The budget to be allocated to SMEs is €5.142,29. The company will only have to pay the amount of 514,23€, only once.

Small business (< 50 Employees) – 100 hours of consultancy and 100 hours of training. The budget to be allocated to SMEs is €8.437,33. The company will only have to pay the amount of 843,73€, only once.

Media Enterprise (<250 Employees) – 155 hours of consultancy and 125 hours of training. The budget to be allocated to SMEs is €11.890,39. The company will only have to pay the amount of 1.189,04€, only once.


Applications until October 31, 2018


Incentive System for Individual Projects

Objectives of creating the incentive to Internationalization of SMEs: reinforce the competitiveness of companies and promote the increase in the export of products with high technological intensity.

It is intended for projects related to economic activities aimed at the production of tradable and internationalizable goods and services (depending on whether or not they are produced in sectors exposed to international competition and which may be subject to international exchange), with relevant creation of economic value for target regions or contribute to their value chain and do not concern services of general economic interest.

  • Non-Refundable Incentive (INR) up to 45%
  • Website and Digital Marketing
  • Design and Advertising
  • Consulting services
  • Stands
  • Acquisition of equipment
  • Management tools
  • prospecting trips


This measure – Incubation voucher – intends to grant support to simplified projects of companies with less than a year in the area of ​​entrepreneurship, through the hiring of incubation services provided by previously accredited business incubators. Beneficiaries of this measure are micro and small companies of any nature and under any legal form with less than 1 year.

Typology of Investments: Management, Marketing, Legal Advice and Financing Services (Development of products and services).

  • Non-refundable incentive (INR) 75% with a limit of €7.500


O Research Opportunities Valley It is intended for projects for the acquisition of services in research and technological development and technology transfer activities. Consultancy services in research and technological development activities, as well as technology transfer services, as well as assistance for the implementation of short-term recommendations are considered eligible.

Types of Investments:
In the diagnostics component
I. Identification of product binomials | services versus markets that represent internationalization opportunities;
II. Product adjustment needs | services and business models (including distribution channels);
III. Diagnosis of opportunities for company evolution in the value chain;
IV. Need to adjust digital communication strategies.

In the technical assistance component
I. Visits to prospect and attract new customers in foreign markets;
II. Prospecting visits to international fairs;
III. Invitations to / missions from importers to learn about the offer.

  • Non-refundable incentive (INR) 75% with a limit of €1000


O Circular Economy voucher provides a diagnosis that leads to the definition of an action plan leading to the implementation of management and growth models aligned with national and international strategies and commitments assumed by Portugal.

The objective is to support (up to €7500) consultancy services in the field of Eco Design, Eco-efficiency, Eco Innovation and industrial symbioses, which allow the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy.

Types of Investments:
Eco-design of processes and products
Energy Efficiency
industrial symbiosis
Extending the product life cycle
Valorization of by-products and waste
New business models, dematerialization and digital transformation.

  • Non-refundable incentive (INR) 75% with a limit of €7500


Applications until December 31, 2018


The Incentive System (SI) for Productive Innovation aims to promote business innovation through investment in equipment and technologies that translate into greater and more efficient production capacity.

Investment Typology:
Website and Digital Marketing
Acquisition of equipment
Consulting services
execution of works
Brand design and registration

  • Non-refundable incentive from 45 to 75%


The initiative Trade voucher provides support of up to 5.000 Euros in consultancy services in areas such as Organizational Innovation and Management, Brand Creation and Design, Quality, Digital Economy and ICT. The accreditation process is aimed at companies with economic activities in the commerce, services and catering sectors, whose sales enhance the national offer.

Types of Investments:
Organizational innovation and management
Branding and design
Digital economy and ICT.

  • Non-Refundable Incentive (INR) 75% with a limit of €5000

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Financing Opportunities Portugal 2020 in progress

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