Optimize your time with Samsys Scheduling Management

June 19, 2018

Optimize your time with Samsys Scheduling Management

Scheduling management is a process that easily becomes complicated and time consuming.

Let's assume it's a physiotherapist, already with some clients, which he receives in his office after appointment. Or maybe she's a beautician, who accepts appointments for those longer jobs. Or you already have a receptionist, but the number of calls you receive is so great that you can't answer your cell phone and point out the requests you receive.

Samsys Scheduling Management

Do you waste a lot of time with any of these scheduling management tasks?

  • Find a compatible date
  • Manage your team or space allocation
  • Remind the client that the appointment is on the next day
  • Process payments and invoicing

The Samsys Scheduling Management solution can help you invest your time in what you love to do.

Scheduling Management

Find a compatible date

After scheduling, everything seems simple, but before… you need to make your schedule compatible with that of your client. This means that you have to go to your diary to see what days are available, tell your customer that and wait for him to remember which days he has available.

If you do this via email, it's a continuous email exchange until the date is right, and if it goes wrong, the customer gives up in the meantime.

If you do it by cell phone… well first you need to be available to answer the cell phone, which can be tricky if you already have a busy schedule as you probably want.
And after that you'll still have to remember what date your client told you and record it somewhere (excel?) so you don't forget.

Manage your team or space allocation

If you already have someone else working with you then, instead of just looking at your schedule, you will also have to look at the agenda of these people. You will need to remember which dates they usually have available to attend. Not forgetting those vacation days they had asked for.

Likewise, if you only have one office that will have to be used by more than one person, it will be convenient for no one to schedule a meeting for the same day and time as the other colleague had already scheduled.

Remind the client that the appointment is on the next day

After all this time investment, just making the appointment is good even if the client shows up… or else let us know that you won't be able to go, so that we can use this time for other tasks.

This means that every day we will spend a few more minutes looking at the next day's list, calling or emailing these people. More administrative time when I could be serving someone else.


In between, we can still have payments… how much does the consultation cost, does the person have to pay before or after? We want to integrate with invoicing software to issue the invoice soon or is processed otherwise

Samsys Scheduling Management

A Scheduling Management samsys another Samsys solution, which will help you to grow.

It is a web-based, WordPress-based solution and a scheduling plugin that, together with the Samsys Web Development Team, it can help you recover the time you currently invest in administrative tasks, which you can then redirect to doing what you are truly good at.



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Optimize your time with Samsys Scheduling Management

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