PHC CS Management Software – Campaign 2021: A revolution in work processes

September 20, 2021

PHC CS Management Software – Campaign 2021: A revolution in work processes

More than software, a revolution in work processes. Up to 30% discount on ERP PHC CS.

Aware that employee productivity is one of the highest priorities of companies, it is essential to ensure that they have the right tools to respond to the challenges.


O PHC CS is a reference solution in the market that guarantees the business agility that your company needs and that the new work models demand. As?

  • Um Full ERP, designed to ensure a collaborative response from the teams;
  • Adaptation to needs, not only through the modular characteristic of the solutions that comprise it, but also due to its unique framework in the market, which allows the development and customization of the software to the exact measure of each company;
  • assured mobility, always with maximum security and full guarantee of the integrity of the data stored in the application, anytime, anywhere. The Notify App also allows you to monitor the day to day of the company, streamlining communication between Customers, suppliers and teams;
  • Metrics e business analytics that today are decisive in the life of a company, dashboards that summarize information in a precise and immediate way.

in force from September 20 a October 15th, 2021, this Campaign is aimed at new customers of the PHC CS ranges Advanced and PHC CS Enterprise, if you want to purchase a complete and integrated management software in key areas of the company, benefiting from the following discounts:

  • 30% discount on the PHC CS Advanced range
  • 20% off the PHC CS Enterprise range

More than software, this Campaign can be the opportunity your company needs to revolutionize new work processes and more.

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PHC CS Management Software – Campaign 2021: A revolution in work processes

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