Pontomarc Institutional Video

Promotional Video | Pontomark

The digital agency Samsys was responsible for making the promotional video for Pontomark – a reference company in the area of ​​promotional marketing and in the market of advertising gifts.

Ana Sousa – Pontomarc

I've watched the video about 5 times, I've already shown it to everyone here at the company, and we really love it and we never get tired of seeing and reviewing the masterpiece they created.

Da Vinci simply painted many widely recognized works, but your masterpiece in this video for Pontomarc captured everything I believe in in the company I'm proud to belong: the people.

Much more than what we do, it's who we are. And thanks for that. Thank you for capturing that little tear of pride for the team I have here.

Congratulations to the entire team and to Samsys for betting on excellent professionals.

And thank you for trusting Pontomarc as partners on this journey that is Life.

Ana Sousa – Pontomarc

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Promotional Video | Pontomark

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