Prepare your Strategy for Black Friday

November 2, 2023

Prepare your Strategy for Black Friday

Is it important to start thinking about my strategy for Black Friday?

Haven't started planning your Black Friday campaigns yet? So it's time to get ready because Black Friday arrives this month.

Black Friday can make a difference in your business results. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, at the most profitable time of the year, it is essential outline the ideal strategy, making the most of it.

Discover the best strategies to boost your e-commerce sales and how to team of Samsys Communication and Marketing can help you get the most out of them.

According to data from Google, consumers start researching the product up to 12 weeks before. It is, therefore, crucial that you start thinking about your strategy now.

How can I define a good strategy?

  • First Things First – Prepare your Audience

Knowing and segmenting your target is essential to meet their specific needs. Initially, you must awaken your target audience’s desire to purchase, through personalization of the shopping experience, in addition to increasing conversion rates, it also strengthens your loyalty.

Therefore, use data such as purchase history and consumer behavior to segment your audience and thus provide purchasing recommendations and communications that are truly relevant.

  • Optimize the website

Most of the time, your website is the showcase for consumers to learn more about your products. Correctly optimizing your page is a fundamental step to achieving good conversion results.

In this sense, on Black Friday create landing pages, search key words strategic, invest in product description and simplify the checkout processes.

Therefore, the homepage should be integrated with these optimizations, as it can strengthen the website in searches and drive traffic to the main sales campaign pages.

  • Social Media

It is important to have a strong presence on social media. Take advantage of your digital channels to create anticipation and engagement around Black Friday.

Create engaging content, through a marketing strategy Video Marketing to highlight the products on sale (a teaser lasting a maximum of 30 seconds), promotional posts countdown, gift suggestions for friends and family.

Your content must create value for your consumer and not just focus on the objective of “selling”.

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing continues to be an excellent tool for promoting your brand and campaigns.  Segment your contact list according to your customers' purchasing history and preferences. Some strategies you can follow:

→ A few weeks before, send your subscribers a product teaser which will be available on Black Friday.

→ Invest in content that awakens the FOMO – Fear of Missing Out;

→ Create “abandoned cart” automations to recover consumers who did not complete the purchase. Use personalized ads to remind customers of products they've shown interest in.

  • Invest in Google Ads/Meta Ads

Setup campaigns for your target audience It is essential and the best way to achieve it quickly is through paid advertisements. Understand which channels make the most sense to invest your brand and create targeted campaigns for your target audience and in line with your strategies.

  • Zapsys – the Ally for your Software

With zapsys It is possible that all the operations you carry out in your e-commerce will be available in your management and billing software and all the operations you carry out in your management and invoicing software will be available in your e-commerce.

  • Create Purchase Urgency

On Black Friday, all e-commerce stores will offer discounts and create campaigns, it stands out. Create a sense of urgency in your audience.

Flash sales: unmissable discounts that are only available for a limited period of time.

Pop ups: Pop ups can be used to offer exclusive coupons or create a sense of urgency.

Stock counter: create a feeling of scarcity, through available stock information, or show the number of people who are simultaneously viewing the same item.

  • Samsys Expert Monitoring

You should start outlining your strategy for this Black Friday, but to obtain better results and maximize your brand's potential, it requires knowledge and expertise.

A Samsys Communication and Marketing team Has the skills to create effective ads, optimize keywords, analyze metrics, and adjust strategy as needed. We are committed to your online success.

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Prepare your Strategy for Black Friday

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