Prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation


Prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation

O General Data Protection Regulation (RGDP) aims to protect the fundamental rights of individuals, in particular the right to protection of personal data, as they are now subject to treatment and control by private or public entities.
This regulation emerged in April 2016, in response to the increase in cyber attacks. It is the result of the need for greater collaboration between public and private entities, in order to have greater control over this problem.

Why is this topic alarming those who store personal data?

It is intended that the May 25, 2018 this problem is resolved, at which time all companies operating in the Euro Community must ensure compliance with the new law, at the risk of paying large fines.
Fines can reach 20 million euros or 4% of the previous year's global turnover (whichever is higher).
We know that your information is like precious material for you and we want to prevent your business from being affected.
A little over half a year after the new regulation came into force, doubts are more than many and Samsys wants to help your company to be in compliance with the law.

General Data Protection Regulation

This regulation was the way that the European Parliament and the European Community found to stop attacks that lead to the loss or leakage of information and protect the private data of users, incidents that were addressed in our Webinar - Online Security.

What is mandatory to do by May 25, 2018?

apply the regulation. EU Organizations must prepare and take the necessary steps to comply with the regulation before the legislation becomes applicable.

What's new?

  • Valid for companies that store personal data of citizens residing in the European Union;
  • As organizations become responsible for the analysis, treatment, storage and protection of data;
  • It becomes mandatory to notify the CNPD (controlling entity) any incident of information leakage, or security breaches, in the first 72 h;
  • Each company will have to nominate a DPO - (Data Protection Officer or DPO), who will be the Data Protection Officer;
  • Penalties for non-compliance can reach 20 milhões de euros ou 4% of the previous year's overall turnover (whichever is higher);
  • Among many others.

Procedures to reduce exposure to risk:

  1. Encrypt information when it is stored or transported;
  2. Hide information that allows the individual to be identified;
  3. Minimize the number of employees who can access personal information;
  4. Enhance the ability to detect and remediate security threats.

“A 100% secure system does not exist. It's a computer turned off.” Carlos Bernardino, Webinar - Online Security.
Samsys has the right solutions for your company. Start preparing for the GDPR today.

I requested o eBook (only in Dutch at the moment) that we have prepared to clarify it in full and contact us to learn more about the new GDPR.

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Prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation

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