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Vencsys is an automatic notifier of billing documents, which allows you to notify customers that have expired documents (or that will expire) by sending notices, without the need for human intervention, by email or SMS.

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Available Features
Sending Email
The most visible result of Vencsys is the sending of the billing document email message (expired or not expired).

This email is sent to the customer contact, which is defined in the customer file.

The customers and documents that are considered for sending notification are those that are part of the Pending list.

With Vencsys you have your billing draft always ready to send with the possibility of customization.
If you are expecting that many emails will be sent every day, and to prevent the email server from being marked as a spammer, it is possible to indicate, in the application, how many seconds a new email is sent.
SMS sending
With the option of sending SMS, you can also send the notification by SMS message.

This SMS is sent to the contact, which is defined in the customer file.

The indication of when a message is sent, the type of message (email or sms), as well as the text of this message, is completely configurable in the application.

Customize by: shipping type, days past due, email subject/SMS message, email body.
More available features
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Exclude clients from sending messages
If, for some reason, there is a client that we don't want to send messages to, we can indicate this in an application parameter.
Recovering unsent messages due to errors
In order to avoid having to go through all the customers and fill in missing information (email, cell phone) to ensure that everything will work, we created a system that retrieves messages that failed to send and tries to send them again in the future.
Indication of Types of Documents to consider
The indication of the documents to be considered (FA, FR, FAC, etc.) is configurable, allowing the indication of the types of documents to be considered.
Custom Test Mode
In order to validate the entire operation of the application, it has a test mode that can be activated or deactivated by the user. In test mode, the application does not send emails to the end customer, but rather sends it to a fixed address that is parameterized.
Operation Summary Submission
As this process runs automatically, in order to validate its execution, an email is also sent to the application manager.
Force creation and sending of messages
Although the main advantage of this system is the automatic creation and sending of messages, this process can also be manual and triggered by the user.
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