Uncertified Billing Programs? - The law has changed

August 13, 2019

Uncertified Billing Programs? - The law has changed

The changes resulting from Decree-Law No. 28/2019 imply a careful look at businesses that still invoice manually or with non-certified invoicing programs.

Since July 1, 2019, the Invoices must be processed by:

  • Computer Programs;
  • Recording Machines;
  • electronic terminals;
  • Electronic Scales; and
  • Pre-printed in authorized typography;

“Planet Samsys, I am starting my business – a hairdresser.

Am I required to have a certified program?”

Yes and no. Well, the question that arises is: when is it mandatory to use computer programs certified by the Tax Authority? *

  • If in the previous calendar year you had a turnover of more than €50.000;
  • If, in the year in which the activity begins, the annualized turnover exceeds €50.000;
  • Who uses non-certified billing programs;
  • Whoever has accounting organized by obligation or by choice;

We also warn about the deadline for communication to the AT of the elements of the invoices issued: It goes from the 20th to the 15th of the following month, and in 2020 it will move to the 10th of the following month.

A company's efficiency is only half the equation. Optimizing and streamlining all systems and processes between the sectors or departments that are managed within it is crucial.

With all this movement around the world, the speed of information is key in defining strategies as well as taking actions.

We have invoicing solutions that strengthen your company's management operations: and we are specialists in their implementation. From the simplest and most economical solution (for small businesses), to the comprehensive management of all the business processes of a large company.

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Billing Programs

  • Billing program certification: the use of invoicing programs previously certified by the Tax Authority (“AT”) becomes mandatory for taxable persons with headquarters, permanent establishment or domicile in the national territory, whenever (i) they had, in the previous calendar year, a turnover greater than 50.000 euros (75.000 euros compared to 2019, but only from 01/07/2019 in accordance with Order No. State of Tax Affairs, and, until that date, this amount remains at the 85 euros previously applicable) or, when, in the year in which the activity begins, the period in question is less than the calendar year and the annualized turnover for that period exceeds that amount, (ii) use computer invoicing programs, or (iii) are required to have organized accounting or have chosen to do so.
  • File deadline: the general term of 10 years remains, however, whenever taxable persons exercise a right whose term is longer than this period, the obligation to file extends until the expiry of the expiry period relating to the settlement of the corresponding taxes.
  • Customer summary map (Annex O of the IES): Taxable persons with registered office, permanent establishment or domicile in the national territory are exempt from delivery (ie this obligation only applies to VAT registrations)
  • Annual communication of inventories: the exemption from communication, which was previously applied to taxable persons whose turnover in the previous year did not exceed 100.000 euros, is amended as of 01/01/2020, with only taxable persons to whom the simplified regime applies of taxation in terms of IRS or IRC, regardless of the volume of business.”

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Uncertified Billing Programs? - The law has changed

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