Windows 11 is coming - Find out what changes!

September 23, 2021

Windows 11 is coming - Find out what changes!

Mark your calendar: October 5th was the date chosen for the launch of the new Windows version. Microsoft promises not only to bring a visual change, Windows 11 will be faster and should consume fewer resources. For now, the certainty is that it will arrive with a renewed image, updates from the previous version and some news!

But what does Windows 11 bring new?

In addition to a new image, the design will be more intelligent and geared towards the hardware, that is, the management of memory and the CPU (Central Processing Unit). This factor allows giving priority to the windows that are in the foreground and the same will happen with the browser, where unused tabs will be blocked. Navigation promises to be intuitive and more applications will be available to add to the existing offer.

Microsoft has already released the 11 highlights of this release! Ready to level up?

These are the highlights and points to remember with the launch of the new Windows 11:

  1. New design and new sounds fresh & clean;
  2. Start: The menu that uses the Cloud and Microsoft 365 to show the latest files regardless of device;
  3. Snap Layouts, Snap Groups and Desktops, an even more powerful way of multitasking e screen space optimization;
  4. Microsoft Teams integrated in the toolbar, allowing faster access;
  5. widgets, one new personalized feed with Artificial Intelligence, with the performance, speed and productivity features of Microsoft Edge, to go further on the web;
  6. Technologies like DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage and Auto HDR integrated to ensure the quality of the gaming experience;
  7. Nova Microsoft Store with renewed design and easier access to Apps, games, movies, among others;
  8. It is the most inclusive version of Windows, developed to improve access for people with disabilities
  9. New opportunities for developers and creators on the Store, to give access to independent creators and ISVs (Indepent Software Vendors) so that they can make their applications available and improve their development with new tools;
  10. Optimization of speed and efficiency for Improve touch experience, digital pen and voice input;
  11. Operating system for hybrid work, offering adaptable, secure and easy-to-implement and manage functions in information technologies.

Want to update your devices and upgrade to Windows 11?

With the arrival of a new operating system, it is normal that it is necessary to upgrade and make some changes to the computer and other devices, if you do not want to purchase new products that already incorporate the latest version. What needs to be taken into account?

  • Confirm device compatibility
  • Understand the new features
  • Configure Microsoft Account
  • Make a backup of all files
  • Install Windows 11

In addition to these general points, other requirements are still needed to ensure that the operating system runs flawlessly. Want to keep up with changes but don't trust your computing skills? We don't all have to be technology nerds! Samsys has a specialized technical team that will give you the necessary assistance in updating your computer park!

Not sure which of the devices in your IT park can be updated? Are you afraid of losing important information? Talk to our expert Technical Support team.

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Windows 11 is coming - Find out what changes!

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