Protect your business from Ransomware with Firebox

January 26, 2018

Protect your business from Ransomware with Firebox

Samsys invests in the most appropriate training so that we are aware of market developments and immediately know exactly what your company needs. Today we talk to you about WatchGuard Firebox and its efficiency as a safety device.

We are experts in implementing security tools that prevent attacks on your systems and protect you from ransomware.

Our experience leads us to recommend this solution, the WatchGuard Firebox, as it proves to be, for all companies, one of the best network security investments on the market for the world of virtualization, which are currently on the market.


Safety device Firebox

Firebox security appliances feature real-time monitoring, support for multiple WANs and scalable solutions to suit any size business.

More and more, virtual environments are being developed, and today they can be as safe as physical ones.

Where can they run?

Firebox can run on industry standard servers including Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere.

So you can choose how to manage your virtual appliance, including the intuitive WatchGuard System Manager console, a scripted command-line interface, and a web UI to access anywhere, anytime. Deploy a mix of hardware and virtual appliances, operating together and managed by a common centralized platform.

Variety of Firebox solutions


WatchGuard Firebox

Tell us what your company's needs are and we'll explain which one will best adapt, among the solutions that exist. The rest, we take care of!

The solutions available on the market range from physical desktop and rack-mounted models, occupying only one unit high, to virtualized and cloud-based offerings. 

Depending on the size of your company, Samsys recommends Desktop Equipment (SMEs), Rack Mounted Firebox Equipment (Medium and Large Enterprises) and Cloud Solutions.

1. Network Discovery Service

This service was created with Firebox devices in mind, which generates a visual map of all the problems on your network and makes it easier to identify the risks present.

2. WatchGuard Firebox Cloud

WatchGuard Firebox Cloud brings the protection of WatchGuard's leading Firebox UTM devices to public cloud environments and allows companies to extend the security perimeter to protect assets in Amazon Web Services.

Firebox Cloud can be deployed to protect Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) against botnets script cross-sites, SQL injection attempts, and more.


Samsys Security Tips


Samsys leaves you 3 fundamental tips to better protect against attacks:

1. Stay informed 

Always be careful when opening an unfamiliar link or opening an unfamiliar attachment. If the site does not start with “HTTPS”, be suspicious.

Remember that it is possible to clone emails and impersonate another person/entity. 

Legitimate companies never ask for passwords via email, so never send this information via email.

Attacks from ransomware often start on devices endpoint.

2. Be cautious

At no time use email to send very personal data, give preference to the telephone.

Be Backups whenever you remember, so you can have peace of mind about recovering your data. Create a global folder where you can store all the
most important information and make subfolders within that, which facilitates the replication of information. Automate the Backups to avoid human errors.

3. Strengthen security layers

The more layers of security that are in place, the more likely you are to be able to protect your equipment and systems from attacks.

Bet on systems that, in addition to detecting threats, block the passage of these malware.


If you are interested in knowing more about this solution, contact us and we will explain all the advantages of Firebox!

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Protect your business from Ransomware with Firebox

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