PT 2020: Bet on Digital Transformation today

September 11, 2018

PT 2020: Bet on Digital Transformation today

at what level of digital transformation is your company? Know the benefits to bet on this strategy for internationalization and count on us to help your business grow!


digital transformation

As a consultant in the field of Information Technologies, with a strong focus on Communication e Web development, the practice of encouraging companies not to neglect the projection of their business in the market is recurrent.

We do Consulting focusing our focus on the way brands bet on the presence of their brand with their target audience: starting with the formulation of a identity corporate, creating a website, creation and management of social networks, implementation of a platform management of the entire business and techniques of internationalization.

Where should you start investing in digital transformation?

The greater the concern to create a digital strategy of quality, the more likely you are to reach the customers you want to reach.

It is important that you bet on an up-to-date website, varied and recurrently active social media, careful content marketing, quality video marketing, strategic and well-founded online advertising and productivity tools that help you optimally manage your work time.

How can Samsys help?

Well, putting all this into practice! We help:

[ezcol_1third class=”1/6″]➡️ Attract traffic and get conversions [ezcol_1third class=”1/6″]➡️ Interact with customers stakeholders

[ezcol_1third_end class=”1/6″]➡️ Create content that your audience values ​​and is interested in

➡️ Increase awareness ➡️ Highlight your company in search engines ➡️ Indicate the tools that will optimize processes and results


Establish priorities and choose the most appropriate solution, take advantage and bet on Internationalization and take advantage of opportunities and incentives from the Internationalization Incentive System.

Internationalization Incentive System

Applications until October 31, 2018

O SME Internationalization Incentive System is aimed at SMEs that already export, with a view to increasing the volume of exports through the use of internationalization tools based on solid and integrated marketing strategies. E-commerce quality digital transformation, valuing in particular the e-commerce.
An exporting company is considered to be one that in 2017 presented a minimum export intensity of 15% and an international turnover of more than €20.000.

Purpose of the initiative

This System aims to reinforce the business capacity of SMEs for internationalization, with a view to promoting an increase in exports, through the development and implementation of new business models and processes for qualifying SMEs for internationalization, valuing the electronic commerce as an internationalization tool.

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PT 2020: Bet on Digital Transformation today

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